In this article, am going to be showing you 100 websites that pays you to work from home doing simple tasks online.

These are all legitimate platforms where anyone willing to take action can actually earn their first dollar online working from home.

However, I want to make a warning!

This article is going to be really long.

So, if you are the time that’s not ready to spend time on what can actually add value and cash to his / her life and bank account, I advise you stop reading and probably go binge watch your favorite series on Netflix.

If you do decide to take the time and go through this really long article of more than 6,000 words, then you will gain a whole lot; as long as you act on it; and perhaps kickstart your journey on making money online from home legitimately.

So, What Can You Gain From Reading This Very Lengthy Article?

In other words, why should you spend your precious time reading this article?

Is it even worth it?

We will get to answer these presently, but before then, lets talk about shiny object syndrome, aka SOS.

This is the perfected art of jumping from one thing to another when attempting to make money online working from home. They buy into a lot of programs and promises, but just seems to never really make money online.

They get into things like:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • MLM
  • MMM
  • Giftaworld
  • NNU
  • Edmark
  • Helping Hands, etc.

This is often very common with many Nigerians who are looking for the latest trend that is making money for people NOW!

They are looking for the latest promising thing to help them make money online.

Well, I want to point out that this is not the reason for this article; for you to chase after the latest money-making trends online.

I believe sincerely that you do need to find something that actually makes YOU any money online legitimately.

A real and legitimate online business.

I have personally spent 1000s of dollars (which is millions in naira), buying into one course after another all in the bid to finding what works for me during my early days of online business.

Though buying trainings and apps are much needed as an online marketer, knowing what works matters.

Is that how it has been for you?

Maybe you are even spending more money buying courses and software than you are making online. It is not a pleasant experience my dear.

But within you, you KNOW that there has to be a way to make money online legitimately; somehow, someway, there has to be.

You want to quit your stressful and crappy job to live the internet lifestyle working from home.

100 Websites That Pays To Work From Home Doing Simple Tasks 1

You want to have all the freedom to just do your thing, and have the freedom you so much cherish…. without yahoo yahoo or yahoo plus.

During those early days, I began really searching for ways to make real money online. It took me quite some time, but I eventually succeeded.

This article is not about me. Its about you….and for YOU!

I took the time to write this long article with one single intention in mind – to help someone and anyone make their first dollar online.

Once you start to really make money online, it can get quite addictive.

The issue is always with starting. Once you take action and start, it can only get easier.

Many folks in Nigeria don’t get to make their first dollar before quitting because they start the very wrong way.

They tend to start with MUCH more difficult and harder ways either through FOREX or CRYPTO or Network Marketing.

They lose their investment and they quit with frustration, and end up saying that online business is a scam.

You can always invest in those kinds of businesses later after you must have gotten your feet wet.

Don’t get greedy and want to make it big and start from the top…. mainly because you don’t want to put in effort, but want to reap FAST.

Rather, start from the bottom of the ladder and gradually work your way up. With that, you will have a very solid foundation.

You can do that with what you will learn from this article.

This is like kindergarten and grade school. You can get to the advanced stuffs later on when you are ready; and there is a plethora of advanced online money-making ventures that can be found in

This site can ONLY GET BETTER!

So, What’s The “Catch” Right?

Why would I share all these in an article for free when I could just package it as an eBook and sell, making some cool cash in the process?

work from home

Good question friend. You have got some oil in your head for asking that.

First, I truly want Nigerians to make money online.

I want to give value and add my own little quota in helping to improve the lives of many Nigerian youths, and this could go a long way in exposing many Nigerian youths to what can be made online.

During this COVID – 19 pandemic, it became really glaring to many that an online venture is like a MUST, and many are now talking the initiative to better their odds online.

I believe so much that this detailed write up can go a long way in helping many get their feet wet where making money online is involved.

Second, I intend using this article to make a boatload of cash for myself in the long run.

As a matter of fact, I believe this particular article is going to keep on making some cool cash for me for many years to come.

I am being sincere here.

Yeah, I am going to gain from giving value to others through this article.

But how, you ask?

Through AdSense as people visit this page, and through affiliate products that am going to be attaching to this write up.

Third, I want to further build my brand as someone that gives value.

This is my first article for this particular website, and this is the first site I will be building for myself that is predominantly targeting Nigerians, so building up a good name and brand is very important to me, and it starts with giving IMMENSE value.

So, those are just some of the reasons why you are getting this information for free.

Will You Become A Millionaire Easily From Doing These Works From Home Businesses?

100 Websites That Pays To Work From Home Doing Simple Tasks 4

Well, first I need to point out that there is some effort and an amount of work involved with each of the links to the websites I will be sharing with you.

There is no free lunch.

These businesses will not make you a multimillionaire anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, there is no GUARANTEE that you will make anything from any of these businesses.

Recall you are not investing a dime in these businesses. They require NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

However, if you are willing to put in the effort, and take action you will see positive results.

One of the websites in this article has made me more than $10, 000 dollars with minimum effort, but it was not ‘easy’. These where things I did when I was starting my online businesses, and I still do some of them every once in a while to prove they still work even now.

But note that my results are not typical and a standard.

In my search for making money online in my early days of internet sojourn, I tried out a lot of stuffs to see what works or what works not.

Each of these promised successes and a boat loads of money from the acclaimed gurus that were marketing it.

  • Being an affiliate
  • Being a product creator
  • Being a published author on Amazon
  • List building
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Forex, and a few other things

One thing I discovered from all of these is that, there is NO easy way to make money online from home. At least, not the way it is being paraded by many online marketers.

Of course, you can make a lot of money doing some or all of what I listed above, but its going to take you some real effort and time to achieve any kind of success with them.

You also need to have passion for what you are doing.

For instance, anyone can write a book these days and get it published online in a very short time compared to some decades back.

However, not everyone has the talent to write a GOOD book that will be a real money maker for them.

Also, many affiliate programs take up to 60 days before paying you, and this sure doesn’t help much when you have got bills on your neck that has to be settled ASAP.

I do hope you get what am trying to say here!

So, what am I really trying to say about make money online from the links am sharing here?

First, I will repeat this again.

You will not become a multi-millionaire from the links and resources in this article; neither will it give you the means to live in a glass house or purchase a Lamborghini.

However, it will set you on the path to financial freedom.

All the links in this report have gone through hours of research and rigorous sifting and testing. As at the time of writing this article, they all work and pay.

I don’t however own these websites or have control on how they run their businesses.

So…. let’s get this straight.

  • There is absolutely NO guarantee that any of the links listed here will bring you fame or fortune.
  • Using the knowledge, you gather here might not even guarantee you will quit your day job, unless of course your job really really really does stink.
  • If you don’t actually sign up for and take action on the programs and links in this article, I can GUARANTEE you will make NOTHING.

I do know that these sites work; and that you can start off with them today; and even grab some quick cash from some of these websites in the next few hours.

This is especially good if you want to make some emergency cash.

I believe that this is what most of us are looking for, right?

What To Expect From These Websites

The websites am sharing with you are going to be grouped into different categories.

Some of the websites or programs would require some talent and special skills, whereas there a plethora of them that don’t require any skills whatsoever, but cold hard passion.

Some of the programs will have stuffs you already love to do, like playing games, clicking and viewing ads, writing, taking pictures, doing things with your phones, etc.

You will need stick to the rules and terms to get paid as failure to do so will result in not getting paid.

Also, note that some of the websites will not work in some certain parts of the world. These are meant for specific places. If you live is these places, then you are in luck, if not move on to the other jobs that works with your locale.

Categories of Websites, With Some Insight on How They Actually Work

Contest Sites

There are websites that lists contests that are going on from all around the world. Most of these contests are free to enter.

Even though I have not won any of them, I have included them here because there are some persons that have won something substantial from these contests.

There is a gentleman that won a fully paid trip to both Hawaii and Oslo, Norway. He also won a brand-new car, though he does enter a LOT of the contests every day.

You can win some of these contests and sell what you won to make some emergency cash available.

Get Paid To sites

These sites are quite popular, and can serve as a quick way of making some emergency cash online.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the offer as you could end up with a bunch of stuffs you are not interested in, or end up paying for stuffs you didn’t intend to.

Many of these are “click on ads and get paid” type sites while others have a variety of ways to make a couple of bucks.

Read Emails or Click For Cash Sites

There are like thousands of these kinds of websites all around the web, and I have added just a handful of the legit ones on the list here. They are called PTC (Paid To Click).

While majority of these websites are a complete waste of time and scam, the ones have listed do make up for your time invested.

How they work is that you either read an email or click a link and then view an ad for a predetermined time.

It could be VERY boring!

You are sure to make some cash if you work with these sites consistently. I do suggest using a SPECIAL email for these websites though instead of your personal email as the jobs could be quite many, flooding your inbox.

These was among what I started with online more than a decade ago.

Reading emails.

I made quite a lot and then ended up not getting paid.

There is nothing as painful as working really hard and having earned and then ending up not getting paid.

You do need to take caution and be careful with some of these websites.

The Rest….

There are also websites that pays you to:

  • review music,
  • post reviews,
  • post comments,
  • post in forums,
  • write blog posts, and
  • other miscellaneous types of tasks.

In addition, there are a handful of websites for ACTUAL telecommuting jobs.

These are real jobs from companies hiring workers.

Just like a regular job, they have a fixed time to work and some even also pay benefits.

There are also links to websites that shows you how to make money on your computer as well as how to use your cell phones to make money online. These jobs could take the form of phone work, answering ad questions, customer support, and other such activities.

Finally, lets have a look at the 100 websites that pays you for doing simple tasks online working from home.


Many people don’t know that Amazon has a lot more to offer than just buying stuffs.

If you so happen to live in the right areas you can actually work for this mega-giant.

There are also other online opportunities they offer.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Seller Central Associates – Affiliate Program Fulfillment by Amazon – Benefits Handmade at Amazon – Amazon Services

Mechanical Turk – Do Small Tasks For Pay

Merch by Amazon

Working at Amazon – Jobs and Careers at Amazon

Answering Questions for Cash

There are also a plethora of these websites, and they are quite easy to access, though some will have you take a test on the topic you want to answer questions on.

You get paid from answering questions correctly on these platforms, so you didn’t give BS answers. Its unlike Yahoo Answers that don’t pay you for answering answers.

Ask Me Fast – Get Paid To Answer Questions

Just Answer – Answer Questions For Money

LoveToKnow – Answer Questions For Money

TipDrop – Answer Questions for Cash

Cell Phones For Fun and Profit

There are websites where you can actually make money online by using just your cell phone.

For those who don’t own a laptop, this is especially useful.

What you can do with your phones ranges from taking pictures of where you went during the day as well as taking pictures of products in a store.

There are also websites where you install apps in your phones and tests them out for them.

Some of the more popular ones are EasyShift, Field Agent, and Gigwalk as they have many local things to do for a few dollars. By checking them out daily, you can use them to make a couple of dollars for yourself.

There are also some websites where jobs are listed in your area that you can do to earn a few bucks.

These jobs are mainly available for Android and/or iOS phone owners. For those who own a Blackberry or Windows phone, its not going to work.

Note as well that some of these jobs might not be available in some geolocations.

App Trailers – Earn From Seeing Apps

CheckPoints – The App That Pays You Back

Earnably – Earn Instant Rewards Online

EasyShift – Earn Cash With Your Cell Phone

Field Agent – Cell For Research and Cash

Gigwalk – Make Money For Local Tasks

Glyde: Buy and sell your games, iPads, iPhones and more

Ibotta · Cash, Not Coupons

Icon Zoomer – Pictures Using Cell to Make Money

Instant Rewards Earn Cash, Prizes and Giftcards

Jingit – Earn While Shopping With Your Cell Phone

Media Insiders – Let them watch your cell for cash

Mobee – Mystery Shopping, Online Surveys

Mobile Surveys

ReceiptHog – Snap Receipts. Earn Rewards.

Rewardable – Get Paid While You Shop

ScreenPay – Monetize your Lock Screen

Slidejoy – Monetize Your Lock Screen

Smart Panel – Get Paid To Install an App

Surveys On The Go – Mobile Surveys For Cash

Viggle – Watch TV for Prizes

WomVegas – Earn 5 Cents For Reading Ads


Your Web Base

Crowdfunding For Raising Cash

Now, some of you might be wondering why crowdfunding websites are placed among the websites used for making money online.

This is because there are websites that allows you to list for free in their websites, your idea for something or a project.

Let’s say, you want to make a movie but lack the fund, want to write a novel or even get yourself a new roof; these can all be listed here.

There is no guarantee that you will make anything, but there is no harm in trying.

You have got nothing to lose!

Booster – Free Crowdfunding Platform

GoFundMe – Crowdfunding

Indiegogo – Crowdfunding to Raise Money

Kickstarter – Crowdfunding For Cash

Pozible – Crowdfunding Creativity

Freelancing Opportunities

There are literally hundreds of freelancing websites from all around the web; with each site have rules and terms of operations.

A freelancing website is a platform where two groups of people meet. The first group is the one that wants a service done for them while the second group is the one that does the job usually for a fee.

Some of these freelancing platforms work based on hourly fees while others are on a fixed fee for each job or project. Once the job is turned in, or finished; only then does the freelancer, the person doing the job, gets paid.

One needs to read the requirement for each job.

Freelancing websites usually work based on different upgrades or workers rank. Those with higher upgrades or levels usually get more jobs as they are believed to offer better quality service, and in most cases must have been in the platform for long.

Also, some of the freelance website could offer an upgrade in level when a test is passed or when a fee is paid.

The biggest complain you would most likely hear or read about most of the freelancing website is the pay. Freelancers complain that the pay is meagre.

Let’s take for instance, article writing.

You can usually find writers in the freelancing website getting paid between $2 to $4 for a 1000 words article. While this looks meagre, writing 5 articles a day, if possible, just brought in between $10 or $20 that was lacking before.

For most people in underdeveloped or developing countries, that cash could go a long way, and you will find these freelancing platforms crawling with people from developing countries ready to work for peanuts.

Note that these tasks or jobs are not only in writing forms.

There are a variety of tasks like graphics, website designs, virtual assistance, working with excel, social media marketing, programming, etc.

If for instance you are good with programming / coding, you might just have found a new career.

If you work diligently with one or two of these websites, and become known for providing excellent services, you can up your price for tasks, and as well be getting a flood of clients.

Nothing good ever comes easy or happens overnight, so put in the work and all these can happen with time.

And don’t discard these websites. Try one or two out. There is always something you can offer. Don’t believe or think you don’t have any skills or services you can offer with these platforms. You will even get surprised at what you can do.

Appen – Work From Home Freelance

Digital Point – Services Marketplace

Elance – Earn Money Freelancing

Fiverr – Do Things For 5 dollars

Fourerr – Do Things For 4 Dollars

Freelance Switch – Freelance Job Listings

Freelancer – Find Freelance Jobs

Freelancermap – Freelancer jobs and projects no fees

GhostBloggers – Blog For Cash

Gigbucks – Micro Jobs from $5 to $50

Guru – Freelance Jobs

Hubstaff Talent – Hire Freelancers Remote Workers

iFreelance – Find Freelance Jobs

Lead Genius – Work At Home

Microworkers – Freelance Jobs

People Per Hour – Freelance Jobs

Project 4 Hire – Freelance Online Jobs

SEOClerks – SEO Marketplace

ShortTask – Freelance Jobs


TenBux – Freelance Jobs

Upwork – Freelance Jobs

Workhoppers – Freelance, contract or part time work

Gaming For Cash (NO Gambling!)

Are you a fan of playing games; especially online? Then why not cash in on this opportunity, and MAKE money while playing games.

These sites are not as much as the freelancing websites, but you can make real money from them while you play games.

ANNO1777 – Make Money Playing This Game

BlockFaucet – Multiplayer Bitcoin Faucet Game

Gamesville – Play Free Online Games For Rewards

GSN Cash Games – Play Online Games for Money

Paid Gamer – Play Games for Cash

Get Paid To

These websites pay you for doing a couple of different tasks. As I mentioned earlier in this write up, be ABSOLUTELY sure you understand the “deal” before you sign up for something.

For some of the websites, you are made to complete offers. These are CPA providers that pay you for actions taken by people such as for signing up for things.

Aside cash, these CPA providers can offer gift cards or valuable items that you can sell for cash as long as you can take the time to complete offers.

However, be careful with some offers.

If you are being asked to provide too much of a personal details, you can ignore such offers.

Analysia – Surf And Get Paid

AyuWage – Get Paid To Surf

Cash Crate – Make Money Doing Things Online

Get Paid – Make Money Online Doing Easy Tasks – Get Paid For Performing Simple Tasks!

Paid Books – Get Paid To Read Books

PickyDomains – Naming, Domain Names, Slogans

SendEarnings – Cash for E-Mail, Surveys, Games

TreasureTrooper – Get Paid To Complete Offers

Real Work at Home Jobs

These comes as real jobs that you can do from home and covers a wide range such as selling plasma, your trees and even selling friendship!

Yes, you read right.

You can sell friendship.

10 Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone

101 Companies That Hire Remote Workers

Agent Anything – Do less. Accomplish more.

Billing Services Group – Customer Service From Home

ClickChores – Trusted micro jobs site

ClickNwork – Find Online Work

Convergys – Home Agent Careers

DionData Solutions – Work At Home Jobs

HEA-Employment – Get a Work At Home Job

Income Booster

Indeed – Job Search

LeadGenius – Data Researcher

Leapforce Work At Home Current Opportunities

LionBridge – Find Work At Home Jobs

LiveOps – Work From Home

Lyft – Make up to $35hour with Car and Cell Phone

Making Money – Flea Markets,Garage Sales,Swap Meets

Microworkers – work and earn or offer a micro job

Mystery Shopper Jobs – Become a Secret Shopper

NAUPA – Find Unclaimed Property

Next Job at Home

Outsourcely – Helping Skilled Remote Workers Find Jobs

Postmates – Ride or Drive with Postmates

Rat Race Rebellion – Real Work at Home Jobs

Remote Jobs: Customer Service, Developer, Sales and More – Friend For Free And Get Paid

Second To None Shopper Hub – Mystery Shopper – Sell Your Trees

TaskRabbit – Do Local Tasks for Cash

TeleTech At Home – Technical Support Jobs

Turo – make money renting your car

Uber – Make Money with a Car and Cell Phone

WAHM – Work at Home Job Listings

West at Home – Work At Home Jobs

Work From Home Telephone Mystery Shopper

Zaarly – Get Paid To Do Local jobs

Rewards Programs for Extra Cash and Prizes

These are websites where you can earn rewards. Once earned, such rewards can be collected and sold off or kept. The choice is yours.

Bing – Join Bing Rewards

EBates – Coupons, Promo Codes and Cash Back

Perk – The #1 mobile rewards program.

Points2shop – Earn Points for Free Rewards

Swagbucks – Earn Reward Points For Free Stuff

Toluna – Ask, answer, discover and surveys

Scam Busting

I am adding these scam busting sites here because you can actually get some really good money-making sites from recommendations here, as well as fish out the fraudulent ones.

If you are doing business online, and even offline, you are most likely going to come across scam in dealing with businesses and people online.

I know I do.

For your own safety, it is highly recommended that you check up these websites in this list as well as any other you will be doing business with in future to get as much information on them as possible.

This is because nothing is PERMANENT online. The terms and policies and mode of operation of these websites do change.

You need to make sure that they are legit.

BBB Scam Stopper

BehindMLM – MLM news, blog and reviews

Frauds and Scams

FTC – Federal Trade Commission

IM Report Card

Online Scams

PTC Central – Reviews of PTC Websites

RipOff Report

Salty Droid

Scams – Report the scam here

Stop Forum Spam

Ways to Avoid Scams Online

Sell Your Stuff Online

The surest way of making money online is by selling your own stuffs. Nothing beats this. Whether physical or digital products.

You can find stuffs at garage sales, flea market, estate sales and other places to sell in the sites in the list below.

There are people who haunt the Salvation Army or GoodWill stores and sell things found there online. Also, some people buy clearance stuff at Wal-Mart and sell for a profit.

If you are into craft items, you can make some good cash with some of these websites. This will of course require some bit of work from your end.

99Design – Earn Money as a Designer – crafts, supplies, vintage and art

Book Scouter – Sell Textbooks, Used Books – Sell Your Hair

DaWanda – Unique and Designer products, Gifts

Decluttr – Sell My Stuff

eCRATER – get a free online store

Ether – Sell Therapy, Counseling, Tax, Computer Help

Etsy – Sell all things handmade and vintage

Pond5 – Start Selling Your Stuff

Reverb – Sell Music Gear Online

Ruby Lane – Antiques and Art

SendOwl – Sell Your Creations Online

Skreened – Sell On Skreened

The Internet Antique Shop – Antiques and collectibles

Trade Bit – Sell or Trade Things Online

Zazzle – Sell your art online

Zibbet – Sell Your Handmade Goods

Selling Audio, Photos, Video, & Music For Money

With these websites, you can upload photos, videos, audios, and music to make some income online.

This works with someone buying your stuffs from their platform OR they themselves buying your stuffs. Either way, you make money when you make sales.

Some of these websites works similar to eBay for these specialized items. The trick of the game is knowing what kind of items sells most and then making some of those as well.

Please, for the photo websites, you need to bear something in mind – DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE IN THE PHOTOS!! You will need to get them to sign a “model release” form (you can find generic ones online, do a Google search).

Otherwise you might end up getting sued for a whole lot of money.

If you have talent and skills for this, you can make a whole new career from it.

However, they MUST all be your ORIGINAL works.

AudioJungle – Music, Sound Effects, and Audio

Dreamstime – Sell Photos and Graphics

Fotolia – Sell pictures, vectors and videos

InfoBarrel – Videos, Reviews, and Guides

iStock – Sell Stock Photos And Images

Shutterstock – Sell Photos, Images, and Vectors

Slice The Pie – Get Paid To Review Music

Truepanel – Online Video Focus Groups

UVioO – Make Money Sharing videos

Zimbalam – Selling Music Online

Surveys and Opinions

Surveys and opinions websites have been in the space as far back as I can remember, and many of us did this while starting our make money online journey.

You can make some good cash from taking surveys online, as well as completely wasting your time. This is because there are loads of survey websites that end up not paying, so pay attention to the list here and carry out due diligence while working with them.

The pay for survey websites usually ranges from $0.25 to $150 per survey.

However, you could end up answering some questions and then be told that you aren’t qualified. Also, the surveys are very limited that you can get access to each day.

If you sign up with a good number of these websites, you can earn quite some cash for qualified entries.

But I have to point out that am yet to see or read of anyone that makes $3500 a month as is usually promoted in those survey ads you see.

Personally, I think surveys are a hit and miss online ventures, and for some days you won’t get any surveys or see any that you are qualified for, especially if you are a non-US resident.

You will not make a ton of cash from doing surveys.

Below are a list of surveys and consumer review sites. You usually give your opinion for a set amount on different things. Web sites, clothes, apps, and many other items people buy.

InboxDollars – Earn Cash for Shopping Online

20|20 Panel – Get Paid to Share your Opinion

ClixSense – Paid Surveys, Tasks and Offers


Global Test Market – Surveys For Money

Hagen/Sinclair Research – Market Research

iPoll – Paid Online Surveys

Ipsos i-Say – Opinions and Surveys for Cash

Legerweb – Make Money From Surveys

MySurvey – Online Surveys for Making Money

NCP – Online Surveys and Opinions for Cash

Paid Online Surveys – Get Paid to Take Surveys

PaidViewpoint – Get Paid For Your Opinion

Pinecone Research – Evaluate Products

Review Stream – Review for Money

Springboard America – Surveys

Survey Scout – Surveys For Money

SurveySavvy – Make Money From Your Opinion

SurveySpot – Make Money Doing Surveys

Vindale Research – Take Surveys For Cash

Teaching and Tutoring

This is another way of making good income online. Many of these are REAL teaching jobs, and you will be required to take some tests or prove that you are good with what you are talking about.

Also, some will require a professional teaching certificate or similar qualifications.

So, if you happen to be a teacher, you can now teach from home!

Aim-for-A Tutoring – Online Tutoring Jobs

Connections Academy – Careers

Join the Tuts+ Instructor Team

Kaplan Inc.- Careers

PrepNow Tutoring – Get Paid For Tutoring

Tutor Vista – Online Tutoring for Cash – Online Tutoring For Money

Tutorial Board – Get Paid For Tutoring

Udemy – Teach Online For Cash

Vector Diary – illustrator Tutorials and Tips

Testing For Cash

These are sites that ask you to test things, and you make money in the process. Things tested could range from a web site, app, user interface or anything else.

You can make good money online from this; from $25 and up; but they are not consistent as jobs are not available all the time.

AlphaBuzz – Participate To Earn

Enroll – Help Improve the Web For Cash

TryMyUI – Be A Website Usability Tester

User Feel – Be A Website Testers For Cash

Userlytics – Be a Tester For Pay

UserTesting – Earn Money for Web User Testing

uTest – Earn Money Testing Software

What Users Do – Get Paid As A Usability Tester

Transcription and Translation

These are websites where you transcribe a spoken recording or video into written content. There are also options of transcribing to other languages or from one language to another.

You will need to be a good, fast and accurate typist. This is quite obvious.

The pay might not be that fantastic, but you can make some decent income from them.

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP – Audio Transcription

AccuTran Global

CastingWords – Audio Transcription: MP3s, Video

Fast Chart – Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Gengo – Professional Translation Services

QuickTate – Transcribe For Cash

Rev – Audio and Document Translation

Scribie – Get Paid For Audio Transcription

StenoMed – Medical Transcription For Pay

TranscribeMe – Get Paid For Audio Transcription

Verbal Ink – Transcription and Audio Translation

Way With Words – Transcription Jobs

Virtual Assistant Positions

You can get work as a virtual assistant online, and be doing all kinds of stuffs for someone. Just like an online secretary; you can take and make calls, set up appointments, etc.

This is usually paid per hour….and all from the comforts of your home.

eaHELP – U.S. Based Virtual Assistants

Fancy Hands – Virtual Assistant For Pay

Lifebushido – Virtual Assistant Positions – Hire skilled staff

Virtual Assistant Jobs – Virtual Assistant Training

Weird Ways To Make Cash

Now, lets take a look at some weird ways of making money online from home. They are sure interesting, and are for your entertainment and informational purpose.

They do give you some good ideas though.

Work at Home Forums

These are not actually websites that pays you for working with them, but forums where you meet people who actually work from home.

They are a great resource for keeping up with what is working right now and what is not working; when it comes to making money online, working from home.

Writing For Money

Getting paid to write online is perhaps the oldest means of making money online.

Without mincing words, I can tell you hands down that content is what makes the web work. Without content, the web is as good as dead.

So, if you are a good writer, this can be one of the highest paying work you can do from home.


You have a knack and good understanding of what some of the websites NEED, you can be on your way to making several hundreds of dollars per article submission.

I have to point out as well that writing online can also be the most annoying, frustrating and lowest paying online job for many people.

This is because each site has its own “theme” and type of writing they are looking for, so each pays differently. Some will pay out a flat rate, while some pay per view.

There are some that pay more than $100 per article and some as much as $500. These often require some specialized knowledge.

When I started online, the first $100 I made was from article writing…and this was not from fiverr. This was where I was paid a flat rate for each article I submitted daily, and also kept earning from them based on views monthly.

I will repeat. If you are a really good writer, you can make some good income online working from home daily, and monthly.

BKA Content – Buy Articles, Blog Posts, and More

CACTUS – Share, Innovate and Excel

Constant Content – Write For Money

Content Writers – Make Money Writing

Crowd Content

CrowdSource – Freelance Writing Jobs – Passionate, local writers

Freelance Writers Review – Freelance Writing Job

Freelance Writing – Help For Freelance Writers

Freelance Writing Gigs – Get A Freelance Writing Job

Get Paid to Write for

Helium – Write For Money

Hire Writers – Get paid to write articles and web content

InfoBarrel – The magazine by the people

iWriter – Write for Money

Listverse – Write and Get Paid

Online Writing Jobs

Pay Per Post – Get Paid for Blogging

Postloop – Forum Posts and Blog Comments

ProBlogger Job Board – Jobs for Bloggers

Qualitytext – Write For Us

Reddit – Hire a Writer

Seeking Alpha – Make Money Writing About Finance

SkyWord – Write For Money

Swarm Content – Article Marketplace

Text Broker – Writing Jobs

The Barefoot Writer – Writing Jobs

The Dollar Stretcher – Write Tips, Make Money

The Motley Fool – Write About Investing

The Writer’s Job Board – Freelance Writing Jobs And Tips

WiseGEEK – Freelance Writing Jobs

Words of Worth – Freelance Writing For Pay

Wordy for editors

Worldstarts – Computer Help Writer’s Guidelines

Worldwide Freelance Writer

Write for Babble

Write for Wise Bread

Write to Done – Freelance Writing

WriteLearnEarn – Article Sales Easier Than Blogging

WriterAccess – Freelance Writing

Writers Weekly – Writing News And Resources – Write Articles From Home

Writing Bids – Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs – How To Get Paid To Write Online! (Fee)

Zerys – Writer Marketplace

So, we have finally come to the end of this really long article.

You now have over 100 ways to make money online; and some for doing simple tasks you can even carry out with your cell phones!

Final Thoughts…

Now, before we draw the curtain, I want to introduce you to programs that allow you to make money or gain points by getting referrals.

Your referrals are people who join the program using your link or through you.

Please NOTE. This is not MMM or MLM where you make payments, then given some products and then asked to produce a boatload of downlines.

Nothing of such!

You can make money and/or credits from what they do on these websites. It may not be a lot, but with enough referrals, this can certainly add up.

These are mainly from PTC and Get Paid To Websites, though there are others as well. Some have an affiliate program specifically designed to get clients.

To get referrals is not that difficult if you work smart. You can use what is known as Traffic Exchange or TE.

This entails you looking at my website, and then I look at yours. Each time you do this, you get credits which can be used to showcase your website to other people.

There are some people who make a living from just using Traffic Exchange and/or PTCs getting referrals for them. The good thing is that they are free to join, and you don’t need to host anything. Just share your referral links.

This form of online advertisement has been around for years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. And it does work.

You might need to surf a good number of pages, but it could be well worth it.

Below is a list of some of the most well-known and reliable traffic exchange websites.




Traffic Ad Bar

You can even make money from just using some of them.

For instance, LeadsLeap.

 You can make money online daily from LeadsLeap for just viewing 10 sites. It also has the Real Tracker so its easy to see and know how many times the site is actually seen.

You can also qualify for contests as well as some other perks when making use of traffic exchanges.

It is my sincere hope that I have opened your eyes to what is obtainable online, and the possibilities as well.

Money cannot appear magically into your bank account no matter how well and hard you pray. You need to put in the effort.

You need to take action and MAKE it work.

The amount of smart effort you put into all of these will determine your success.

These are Zero Capital Investments, so expect to do some work.

There is no FREE LUNCH anywhere my dear.

The ONLY way to fail with these online businesses is to quit or not even start or try.

Best of Luck and God Bless in your new online adventure!

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