Month: July 2016

Computer Training School Business Setup

Record has it that there are about 80 million Nigerians who can both read and write; and out of these 80 million people, only about 20 million of them are computer literate. These days, both governmental parastatals and private firms have made computer literacy one of the criteria to employing the services of job hunters.

School Teaching Business Setup In Nigeria

Setting up a private school teaching business in Nigeria is fast becoming a means to tapping millions from the teeming Nigeria population who are in serious pursuant of knowledge from the nursery, primary and up to the higher institutions level. Across the nation, one can see several educational structures; many of them private; that have …

Writing a Professional CV

For undergraduates and graduates in Nigeria, most are never taught how to write a professional CV. What’s been taught are often outdated? This is not good at all, and if we keep on passing out graduates with little or no knowledge on how to craft a modern CV, one of the most important documents needed …