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Affiliate Link Cloaker Free Download – Reasons To Use a Link Cloaker

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Cloaking your affiliate links as an affiliate marketer is not a new thing in the online marketing world; and there are good reasons you would want to do this, whether you are just starting up with affiliate marketing or you are a seasoned pro.

But, what is link cloaking?

Why would anyone want to cloak links?

What are the different types of link cloakers?

Are they free?

I will answer all your questions in this short write up and also give you access to a pro link cloaking plugin, meant for those who own a WordPress site, for FREE. No strings attached, no sign up or optin required.

What Is Link Cloaking?

Link cloaking is the way of making long affiliate links shorter and more brandable. Often times, such links are lengthy and hard to recall. Take the example below:


Link cloaking enables you to shorten the above link into something like below:


The link above is certainly easier to remember and also more brandable. As you must have observed above, it made the third party website appear to point to a link in your site. So, when visitors hover their cursor on the link, they see your branded URL in their web browser. This is really cool as it has loads of advantages as we will see below:

Reasons Why You Might Consider Using a Link Cloaker

The following are some reasons why you might want to consider a link cloaker if you are an affiliate marketer.

Increase In Click-Through Rates

It’s a fact that affiliate links are ugly, lengthy and doesn’t appear to go to a related site when the cursor hovers over it in the browser. This is not a bit elegant and screams affiliate / commissions on the face of the visitor who then becomes wary, and might decide not to take your review at face value since you are earning a commission.

However, when a link is cloaked it appears to go to a page in your site, thereby increasing trustworthiness and invariably an increase in click-through rates.

Leads To a Higher Email Delivery

It is believed and tested to be true that cloaked affiliate links are less likely to trigger spam filters compared to naked affiliate links. This means more emails delivered to your list / subscribers.

If it so happens that the domain of an affiliate program gets blacklisted as a result of the activities of an overzealous marketer, it would mean that such emails would never get to the subscribers.

Reduction In Loss of Commissions

Cloaking your affiliate links could help cut down commission losses as some buyers can easily replace your affiliate code with theirs as they are about to check out. This is especially true with clickbank.

It also helps against who bypassers who deliberately delete affiliate links once they notice and going straight to the product page.

Helps With Tracking

Some link cloakers help with tracking the most effective posts, pages or parts of the website that pulls in the most commission and invariably helps with planning out campaigns and strategies.

Makes It Easy To No-Follow Affiliate Links

Link cloakers makes it really easy to no-follow your affiliate links which is very important as it ensures that google doesn’t penalize your websites search ranking. There is the alternative of doing it manually, but could be quite a pain.

Well, we have seen the need for a link cloaker, especially for affiliate marketers. There are several options; web based and plugins and they could come with some hefty fees or price.

I will be sharing a link cloaker with you that I have rights to.

Enjoy the free download below. It has basically what you need and it’s a WordPress plugin.

It’s a straight download with no sign ups or optins.

Affiliate Link Cloaker Download



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