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45 Ways to Avoid Losing Money Trading Forex

The question that has frequented my desk and mails during and after seminars, when I was actively involved in forex trading was on how to cut down or avoid losses in trading the forex. Though I no longer get actively involved in the forex market, due mainly to my...

How To Start Up Laundry Soap Making Business In Nigeria

Starting up a laundry soap making business in Nigeria could turn you into a millionaire if well planned and executed. Even if it you don’t reach the stage of turning it into a million naira business, there is profit and money to be made from this business. The good...

Making It Big In Nigeria – How Anyone Can Be Rich

Making it big in Nigeria? Sound so far-reached to you.....right? Shouldn't be. In every man is the power to be rich. It doesn’t really matter the environment where you find yourself.  Some people blame their present financial status on the environment that they found...

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