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Blogging and AdSense Program:Easiest Way of Making Money Online In Nigeria

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Blogging and AdSense Program is a favorite pastime of many and an easy and lazy way of making money online; but very few have actually utilized this means to make income online. Even those who do blog and involve in AdSense program are not actually making reasonable income online.

Don’t get me wrong when I say and easy and lazy way. Of course it’s not magical. You got to put in some efforts to make it work, but the efforts yields dividends and works passively.

Is AdSense really that lucrative? You bet it is.

You can ask the likes of Linda Ikeji and Joel Comm how profitable the AdSense program is. From a free blog, she not only made a name for herself but made a fortune as well from AdSense. Many Nigerians are making money from the AdSense program and if you are not cashing in on this but rely on money doubling schemes that parade the Nigerian society, you are seriously losing out.

I have actually made some income and do still with my AdSense campaign. Though I have not really put much effort into it because of the businesses I do, both online and offline, I do still make some money from AdSense.

The good thing about AdSense is that it doesn’t cost anything to start. That is, there is no initial investment other than your time. You could make use of free blogs like blogger.com. You could create several blogs with blogger.com and utilize them to make endless income online.

What Is AdSense? How Does AdSense Program Work?

AdSense is a pay per click program by Google. They entail those adverts you see on web pages that has Google program running on it which earns revenue from clicks. Making money through the AdSense program relates to the number of visitors that visits your site and click on those adverts. When a visitor clicks on any of the adverts on a Google website, you get a percentage of revenue from google.com. We won’t go into a lot of details as regard how this program runs and how you can optimize your web pages or tactics to earn more income.

However, I will show you how you can make some cool cash from Google using a free blog like blogger.com. Blogger is owned by Google and they don’t allow AdSense on all other FREE blog platform like wordpress.com

Blogger.com has been customized to run Google AdSense without having to copy and paste. Also, you have to apply to adsense.com and get accepted before you can make money from it. If you have rich unique content, you will have visitors and perhaps get to be among the first 10 pages in Google search. This is a huge advantage as it means more clicks and definitely more money.

How To Get Going With AdSense and Blogging

The first step to get yourself going if you want to get involved in the AdSense program is to create a blog first. A blog is a means of getting your thoughts out to the world in the form of niche articles or information. It is fast becoming every ones favorite, especially with the fact that you can use it to make passive income.

Go to www.blogger.com to open a free blog. Fill in the information correctly. Create a unique title for the blog, rich in keywords and start writing. You should have some content in your blog before you can be accepted in to the AdSense program. Once you get accepted, you can use the code on any other blog or websites you will create in the future.

Make at least 7 – 10 UNIQUE posts of atleast 1,500 words each on the new blog then apply for AdSense at www.adsense.com. Follow the instruction there.

You are going to need a domiciliary account to be able to cash the cheques that will be sent to you from Google. Fill in your information correctly as requested.
Google accepts every one; your country of residence is not in question here.

Once you get accepted, copy your codes from your account and paste in the right section on your blog. Your adverts will start running in a short while.

It’s that simple!

Though this is just how Google runs, and not a detailed format on how to go about it and increase your earnings; I have had clients who just opened three blogs; wrote rich content of about a hundred articles on each of the blogs and earned more than a hundred dollars monthly; without having to do any more article writing. However, you will have to drive quality links to your site, and also do some on-page optimization.

A video tutorial will be in the Products section of this site that you can pick up and get to learn this business. I can’t go into much details in this article

This business is real if you put in time and effort. There are people who live on just AdSense alone. Brad Callen makes thousands monthly from just AdSense. Type his name into Google Search to know more about him.

If you desire a means of making money easily with little handwork; if you are good with writing; if you actually love to write; then the AdSense program is for you. Even if you have never written anything before but have access to PLR articles, then the AdSense program might be a business to consider. The PLR articles will be a source of article ideas for you. NEVER use plr articles on your new blog if you are just starting out.

The Don’ts of AdSense

Google has some rules concerning this program. One of them is that you must never click on the ads yourself. It might be tempting…of course it is…but never click on the adverts yourself. Believe me, they will find out and you will get booted out of AdSense forever. Also, don’t solicit for clicks in any format. You will get booted out. Don’t use any black hat SEO methods; you will get booted out. You can read up their terms and policy on the AdSense website.

In conclusion, AdSense pays and if you are interested in passive income, you might want to consider it. Also, if you have the funds, I would advise that you go for a self-hosted website instead of using free blogger platform. The more preferably platform would be WordPress.

This is because you wouldn’t want to risk losing your site when it really becomes profitable. You will find more details on this from the video tutorials available at the product section of our website.

See you at the top.


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