Building trust in your team as a team leader or manager is no easy task; and would take all your efforts and power to actually build an effective team that will assist you in bringing your desired objectives and goals to fruition.

It’s a fact that the success or failure of a firm depends on the manager and its team….and any successful company is built on the foundation of a good and successful team, and it’s thus the responsibility of the manager or team leader to make it happen. However, building trust in your team as a team leader or manager doesn’t come in a whiff.

To get the desired response from an audience, a performing artiste needs to play the right tune.

So also is a firm.

For a company to have the right tempo or attain desired objectives and goals, building trust in your team as a manager is a must have skill. Your team needs to follow you; they need to rhyme with your desires in pushing the team up. This is only possible when your team eventually learns to trust you and depend on your capability.

As we have already noted, this is not a day’s job as it will take you putting your best.

In this article, I will be giving some tips and guide to building trust as a team leader or manager in those who are under you.

Let’s get started already.

Tips on Building Trust In Your Team as a Team Leader or Manager

The following tips and guide are sure to get you started and rolling on building trust in your team as a leader or manager.

Reinstate Your Values

You should know that building trust starts with values. It is good to start building trust in your team as a team leader or manager by repeating the values of the company. This needs to be made crystal clear. As an example, you could point out three values of the company and what they signify to the firm.

They could be:

  • Do what’s right
  • Respect others and
  • Perform with excellence

Make it clear that this all starts from the very top; and demonstrate this commitment through your decisions and actions. Show to the team that you are embracing your values, and this will go a long way towards helping you build trust in your team as their leader.

Do Share Your Visions and Strategies

Now, you are done with the values that should guide your team; the next step would be to make clear where you are going with the firm and how you intend getting there.

This step entails keeping your strategy and vision really simple.

Remember the KISS slogan. This is where it comes into play. Your team should be able to see the direction you are taking the organization CLEARLY and how they can contribute in making this happen.

Just by sharing your dreams and vison, you will succeed in building trust as a team leader. This is because it’s a proven fact that when you show someone that you trust them, they work hard to show that your trust has not being misplaced. This is often the case, though there will always be some aberrations.

Be Sincere, Honest and Totally Transparent

Being open, sincere and transparent in all your dealings is one of the most effective tool in building trust in your team as a team leader or manager. Your team or employees can easily tell if you are honest and sincere with them. They should be smart enough otherwise you employed a bunch of individuals that will go nowhere with you.

That noted, if you communicate more often with them in all honesty, you are sure to build trust. This becomes especially important when the firm is going through hard times.

Leaders have to overcome the urge to circle the wagons during times of pressure or crisis. This is when your team really needs to hear from you. If you show openness, honesty and transparency, you will no doubt build confidence and empower the team to stop worrying and start helping the organization overcome its challenges.

Showcase the Power of a Handshake

Ask any leader that is working with a team or employees and they will tell you that communication is very important. There are various ways through which you can reach out to and communicate with your employees such as through emails, hosting a webinar or asking team members to relay the message.

These are not bad in themselves.

However, while each of this have a role to play, nothing beats or can take the place of in-person meetings.

There is power in a handshake. There is power in a warm, in-person greeting. There is power in a smile thrown from across the room. It is for a fact that personal contact builds trust. It also pays for your team or employees to see you as a leader who is personally engaged. Even if it’s just for a couple of days or weekend, call for a face-to-face meeting and forego the normal email or phone call correspondence; knowing that this will help cultivate the culture of trust in your team.

Offer Sincere and Genuine Thanks

Showing appreciation and offering a “thank you” to the people that makes the wheel of your organisation running is powerful. This simple act is so powerful that it could create the much needed rapport between you and the employees thus building up more trust.

Also, make the habit of recognizing all your team members / employees and call them by their names. This will make them feel special and recognized, and people don’t forget such things.

If you follow the above simple and easy tips, it won’t be difficult building trust as a team leader or manager and thus lead the firm to higher heights of success.

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