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The Career and Entrepreneurial Woman: Balancing Work and Married Life

by Ogbeifun Daniel

It’s tough being a woman and tougher being a career and entrepreneurial woman.

This is no joke. It’s a fact.

Most women have got to take care of the home, the kids and the husband. This not only takes a lot of time, but a toll on the woman as well. Now, add the burden of business and career and you have got a different kettle of fish entirely.

Juggling between career, business and married life is one hell of a tough nut to crack.

Or is it three nuts?

Just one mistake or slip, and either your business or career suffers or your marriage hits the rock. If this is the delicate scenario facing the career or entrepreneurial woman, how does she juggle between career or business and married life; balancing the whole package in one delicate swoop?

Well, this will be the focus of this write up, with the believe that it will be of help to many career and entrepreneurial women out there.

The Career and Entrepreneurial Woman – Common Beliefs and Theories

There have been many theories and propositions that it’s not possible for a woman to combine business and a happy home; making them both a success; that one of them have got to suffer for the other to succeed. They tend to believe that there is no way on earth that a woman can successfully manage a home and business together without one suffering.

While there are cases of this happening, there are still loads of career and entrepreneurial women who have successfully combined work / business with their home and making them both a resounding success.

The fact is that, with proper planning, successful management can be achieved.

Many career and business women understand that family matters the most. While there are few anomalies where some career women would choose their work over family, they are rare occasions.

Also, the career for a woman is also very important as many women are the bread winners. It’s the work that puts food on the table so it should also be given some attention.

To balance both, the career and entrepreneurial woman should take the following into cognisance.

The Career and Entrepreneurial Woman – Balancing Business and The Homestead

  • Talk To Your Family; Husband and Kids About Your Business

There is power in communication; effective communication. Its of utmost importance that you talk to your family about your business if you know its demanding. The career and entrepreneurial woman need not go into details of the intricacies of the workplace.

But let your family know the demands of your job or business. Don’t leave it there believing that they will just understand.

Not so.

Having made them aware of the demands of the workplace or business, you then align it with the demands at home. You have to balance family time with business time. The time meant for family shouldn’t be used for business, and you can plan this out beforehand.

Know when you are mostly free, and all family outings private time scheduled accordingly. This will allow the career and entrepreneurial woman make time for both business and family.

  • Respect Your Family Time and Hours

Having known when you are free to have time with family, then make sure you stick to it. Respect your family time. Don’t not bring business into the family time or outing; except for cases of CORE emergencies that need your presence or attention.

All phones should be put off at this time…business lines. This is strictly family time; and your clients should respect this. The only time you should break this family time is in the case of dire emergency in the workplace.

This is because breaking this rule, especially often, will start bringing fractures into your family which will eventually rob off on your business.

  • Carry Your Family Along

It is sometimes good to bring your husband or family into the business; if it’s a personal venture. Though to many career and entrepreneurial women it is not the best of ideas, but where you job involves constant travelling where you spend days, and sometimes more than a week, travelling with your spouse at times seems a good idea; if his job allows him or with the kids if it’s not far-fetched.

This bonds the family together the more and makes things a whole lot easier for the career and entrepreneurial woman.

In conclusion, it’s true that it’s tough being a career and entrepreneurial woman who juggles married life with her business, however it can all be managed if some real effort is put into play.

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