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Create Your Personal or Corporate Vision Mapping

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Without doubts, we all have dreams and as most years begin, we do some kind of vision mapping; we make New Year resolutions of what we intend achieving. If we are sincere with ourselves, we will agree that a large percentage of such aspirations are never fulfilled; not because of lack of resources or the wherewithal; but simply because we failed to really map out our aspirations, our dreams in a practically achievable format.

The place of vision mapping; whether as individuals or corporations can never be overestimated; and come to think of it, we have few practical resources online that goes in-depth to treat this all-important issue without a fee.

Well, here in this article, you have it all tabled out for you in practical no nonsense form, on how to go about mapping out your visions and tips to ensuring they come to fruition.

We are going to be looking at the following:

  • What Is Vision Mapping?
  • Creating Your Personal Vision Map
  • Drawing Your Vision Map
  • Your Personal Vision Seed Map
  • Sharing Your Vision With Others
  • Protecting Your Visions From Killers

 Let’s get started on it already!

What Is Vision Mapping?

How to Create Your Personal or Corporate Vision Mapping 2

Most of us have wanted to do something really useful or important but never knew how to implement it. It’s like getting stuck on an isolated island with nowhere to go. That is where vision mapping comes into play.

Vision mapping is the art of creating a compelling and engaging vision of our plans or objectives; whether personal or corporate. It is the art of identifying one’s desires then painting a sensory rich picture of that compelling destination as a preliminary step to manifesting it.

It is usually written down on paper with graphical or pictorial aids to the steps needed in achieving such visions.

writing out your vision mapping on paper

Whether it’s for personal purposes or organizational, vision mapping serves the following purposes:

  • It helps you order and structure your thinking through mentally mapping relevant words, concepts, and tasks relative to the vision.
  • Creates a serene and manageable atmosphere where you can bring even more ideas and concepts to the vision without the brain getting in the way.
  • Helps you better organize, comprehend, synthesize, recall, and generate new ideas.
  • Clarifies your thinking and captures your thoughts.
  • Allows you to have a “brain dump” session to clear your mind.
  • Decreases mind clutter.
  • Gives you a visual of your vision.

In fact, vision mapping is an indispensable tool that helps create a clear-cut road map or destination of where one is heading to with his / her dreams or desires. It is a seldom utilized tool but a definitely effective one as we will see presently.

A vision map communicates your idea in a way that is both concrete and memorable. The vision map draws a picture; sometimes in words, sometimes in illustrations or mind maps, of what an individual or organization should expect when the vision is completed.

This documentation becomes a rallying point for the person or individuals involved in achieving the vision.

Creating Your Personal Vision Map

creating your personal vision map

It is always good to create a personal vision map for your life goals; no matter how small or high end the goal or objective is. You may ask me, why is vision mapping that crucial?

Most of us are super busy people and we operate in busy active worlds. We are constantly being pushed about by so many competing forces, demands, wants and desires.

Thus, creating a vision map, whether you are a large company or an individual, helps to stabilize ground and guide you and your objective.

A vision map brings clarity, focus and alignment; synchronizing your time, efforts and energy towards what you really want; rather than just creating by default or helter-skelter.

Tips To Creating a Super-Powerful Vision Map

Tips To Creating a Super-Powerful Vision Map

I have discussed below, some cool tips for creating powerful personal visions. The emphasis of this article is on creating personal visions (for individuals, couples or families); but the same basic principles could be applied to corporate and organizational visions too.

In creating a vision map, we are going to adhere to the following six simple procedures.

  1. Determine The Timeframe
  2. Define What You Really Want
  3. Use Present Tense Language
  4. Do Your Inner and Outer Work
  5. Be Fine In The Meantime
  6. Map Your Vision and Date It

Determine Your Time frame

Before creating your vision map, you would need to determine the time frame of your vision.  You should be asking yourself the following questions:

  • When do you want the things you desire to start manifesting?
  • What time frame do you think seem sensible or rings right for you? A few days or weeks? Three months or six-months? A year? Two years? Three? Five? Ten? More?

It is very important to determine from the very outset, the length of time that feels right for you to be operating in.

You can always make some amendments if you need to. And, pay attention to any constraint you have to settling on a specific time frame or deadline.

Define What You Really Want

Defining what you really want is the backbone of the whole vison mapping; and where the fun actually begins. You get to sort it out with yourself (and/or your partner) about what you really, REALLY want.

This is where you carry out all brainstorming about all of the many things you would like to be, do or have and prioritize them accordingly; and probably getting them down to seven main components.

Why seven components?

Nothing really, except for the fact that seven is the number that researchers have proven to work best for the human brains. We work best in chunks of information.

Use Present Tense Language and Be Specific

After determining the seven areas of your vision; though mustn’t stick with seven, it can actually be less or even more; write summary statements in present tense language and be as specific as you can be.

Normally this means beginning your statement with “I have” or “I am” and using numbers and other tangible descriptors where possible.

As an example, if an area of your vision involves making an improvement on your finances, your statement might read: “I Have Easily Doubled My Net Worth to 500K”.

A statement that centers around relationship might read: “We Have a Satisfying and Enjoyable Partnership That Lovingly Supports Both of Us” or “I Have a Great Relationship with My Body and Am At My Ideal Weight of 140lbs / Size 8″.

If you discover that your mood changes when you get very specific, say, you become irritable, grumpy or grouchy, that means it is time to pull back on the specificity and become more general in writing your statement.

Just wordsmith until you find the right level of details just right for you.

Bumping into resistance is a sure sign that you need to back off a bit for the moment.

Do Your Inner and Outer Work

On creating the Personal Vision with the about seven components, you will in most likelihood need some inner and outer work to make it manifest.

The “Inner Work” entails believing the possibility of your vision, specifically for you. This is more of a psychological thing. You can do all the vision mapping you can until the ‘chickens come to roost’ but unless you truly believe in your vison being possible, then manifesting it becomes impossible.

There are people with mental blocks preventing from believing in the feasibility of their vision. This phenomenon is often referred to as a “The Psychological Barrier” — the psychological and energetic boundary between where you are now and where you desire to be.

This boundary, or border, is linked to problematic beliefs, attitudes and outlooks that you picked up somewhere along you journey; and in the path of your genetic or tribe.

Well, the good news is that it is possible for you to break these patterns.

However, you need be ready and prepared to discover and shift these patterns in order to truly become what you desire.

The other work to be done is the “Outer Work”.

Sometimes, visions can seem really far away and unattainable; or perhaps even frightening. The ideal thing to do is to break the gap down into smaller doable units, and then begin figuring out what you can do in the now to make tangible movements towards your vison, even if it seems small.

Thoughts and belief systems are definitely important (inner work); but good, old fashioned ‘Outer Work’ or actions is an even more important part of the whole equation.

So, sit up and start taking some actions on what you can do at the moment, that is in sync with the vison you have created for yourself.

Believe that the next step will emerge after you have taken your immediate ones “Inner Work” done, if “Outer Work” is absent; that’s solid action; then everything would have been in vain.

Be Fine In The Meantime

Visons can take quite a while to manifest, especially if you have layers of resistance or mixed beliefs or if you chose a longer time frame.

Don’t let this get to you.

Vison planning could be likened to gardening. You plant a seed, do some weeding, some watering and waiting; and with a ‘but of course’ attitude.

Eventually, the seed will sprout and reach maturity. That’s how nature does its thing.

Just as its counter productive to dig up or harvest something you have just planted in gardening, same goes for visioning.

Don’t pick your vision. Just trust it and let it grow.

Don’t be frustrated when it doesn’t instantly seem to materialize. You have got to know that everything has got its incubation or gestation period. Just fulfil your part by taking the needed actions and steps, and then allow the natural process to unfold.

Be fine ‘in the meantime’ and believe that things are working out even if the results aren’t quite visible ……. yet.

Visioning is powerful mojo!

Map Your Vision and Date It

This article was written with you in mind.

You are going to have to try and map out your own vision and see how it goes.

I am going to help you; and enjoyably too; create your personal vison.

don’t just read this idle, and let it be without taking action, like so many people around the world do. Be different and actually action on it.

Now let’s get started.

Drawing Your Vision Map

Mapping your vision is not a big deal, and I will be giving you some tips on how to do vision mapping, especially if this is your first time and you have probably never even heard of the term.

You will be needing some or all of the following tools:

  • Vision / planning
  • Contact paper
  • Marker in many colors
  • Magazines
  • Glue sticks
  • Writing paper
  • Pens in colors that speak to you
  • Letters

As you begin your first vision mapping, there is something that needs to be made absolutely clear and ingrained in your heart.

You need to put out an achievement that’s interesting and inspires you.

If you bring up a potential achievement, but are not inspired by it; or if its not fun to you, and feels a lot like handwork and slaving, then you are most likely not following a truly inspired longing.

When you have a deep desire to accomplish something positive and you can say, “I would

LOVE to do that,” you probably are tapping into a true vision.

Doing what makes you happy and you love is energizing!

It not only stimulates your creative juice, buts satisfying as well. This is not only good for your health, but one of the motivators available.

Now, take a few slow deep breaths.

Recall the Target of Life, and let your very soul move towards the heart of the center of the Target so that you are calm, alert and open to myriads of new possibilities.

Then, consider the following questions: What particular dream or vision pulls you most right now? Is it what you would really love to do?

This is a key part of vision mapping. As a matter of fact, without this, there would be nothing to actually map out.

  • Jot down words or phrases that comes to mind, as well as pictures and symbols; all without censoring yourself.  Allow yourself to be the dreamer, and don’t be afraid to be adventuresome.

When you are done, take a look at what you have jotted down and pick out a FOCUS; a word, phrase, symbol or picture that not only summarizes your focus, but pinpoints the vision you plan bring to life.

  • Next, armed with a full-size blank paper, draw a circle of about 2inches in diameter in the center of the page.

Now, place the FOCUS; which could be a phrase, word, symbol or picture; inside the circle.

  • Around this central focus, put down words for and images of things that will be of aid in helping you achieve your vision. Do this spontaneously, without censorship.

As you feel necessary, draw lines and arrows connecting the various items. Feel free to use colored pens or other creative touches.

Do you intend creating a logo for your vision?

Be sure to name your vision and place the title prominently on the page.

  • When you’re done, you will have the first draft of your Vision Map—an integrated one-page picture of your core vision and what is likely to help you bring it to life.

At some point, you would want to create a more polished and refined version of your Vision Map, and you will most likely benefit by creating updated versions as your vision matures.

Your vision mapping will likely look like the vision maps below. It need not be exactly like it; but it should give you a fair enough idea.

Sharing Your Vision With Others


There could be more than a thousand and one reasons why we may be hesitant and careful in talking about our visions, but sharing our dreams usually is vital to our success.

Explaining your Vision Map to a few open-minded loved ones is a good way to start.

Asking for their support and feedback is a good step. When you share your vision with clarity, passion and enthusiasm, people and circumstances often will begin to organize around it.

Following the feedback that you have received, work on fine-tuning your Vision Map.

Then post it in a place where you will see it often. Each and every time you look at your map, update it, think about it, or share it, the imprint of your vision goes deeper into your being and subconscious, and your probability of achieving success increases.

Ask yourself the following question:

“What will be the benefits of achieving your vision?”

Write these benefits down and constantly remind yourself of these rewards. This will help keep you highly motivated.

Don’t be in a hurry to talk yourself out of something you really want to do just because it might not seem practical, or you’re worried about what others might think or say, or because you feel it’s too late.

You must guard against letting other people or your inner critic shoot down your dream before it even has a chance of materializing and be tested.

Proceed with calculated baby steps, knowing you can always modify your course or change directions totally.

Bear in mind that; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So, trust in your heart of hearts, believe in your vision, and go for it!

Your Personal Vision Seed Map

A Vision Seed Map is a subset of vision mapping and it’s a collection of meaningful images of your life.

They come in various themes, ranging from what you want to attract, maintain or improve in your life, projects you are working on, or goals and dreams you wish to manifest.

Some of the themes to consider are:

• Your overall life

• Values

• Purpose in Life

• Mission Statement

• Relationships

• Health

• Creativity

• Travel

• Family

Step 1

You would need to gather up both old and new magazines for tearing images out of.

Cut out anything that tickles your fancy or seems to call out you, including words and phrases that seem to speak to you.

Let your first impressions guide you. Allow yourself to play with it, without worrying about if are doing it right.

You can also source for images from photographs in your own collection. You can copy the photos if you do not want to remove them from an album.

If using photographs of people, make sure it is one when everyone is happy and smiling; and if need be, ask for permissions before using some certain group photos.

Step 2

Now paste the images on a background sheet. The type of background will depend on how large you want your vision seed map to be.

You might use a whole sheet of poster board or an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.

You can design your story board in different sizes, or take it to a copy shop to be reduced to different sizes.

It can even be framed and hung.

You could shrink it to a wallet size and carry it with you to remind you of your priorities wherever you are.

Step 3

The purpose is to create a vision and symbolically sow the seeds of what you want to grow in your life, so the more you see it, the better it will grow.

You can use your vision seed map on a home altar for example, or use it as a feng shui enhancement in your home.

For instance, a vision seed map on the theme of your relationships might be displayed in the relationship area of your home.

Protecting Your Visions From Killers

As we conclude on vision mapping, it would be appropriate for us to dwell on a very important issue; the issue of some persons trying to drown your vision.

Around you, there are different kinds of people, so you should take care on whom you show your vision to; or whom you let access your mapped-out visions.

Some persons might laugh you to scorn; and this could be very discouraging especially if it’s someone you hold to high esteem. There are a lot of negative people around who are just out to destroy others hopes and visions with a load of negativities.

Even if you do make the mistake of showing your vision map to someone not worthy of it, don’t get discouraged when the person mocks you. You don’t even have to prove a point to that person by working and fretting yourself to actualize such dreams.

Stick to your normal scheduled mapped out visions.

Never allow people to trample or play with your vision. Protect your vision with all your might as if your life depends on it; and work it out. Even the Holy Bible says that “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

I sincerely hope that this article helps a soul out there.

Thanks and all the best with your vision mapping!

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