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Effective Trade Show Practices

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Without an iota of doubt, trade shows have proven to be one of the most effective and valuable B2B marketing strategies not only in Nigeria but other nations of the world as well. Most firms spend a huge fortune on trade shows because of its high effectiveness.

One factor responsible for trade shows success is the presence of one-on-one interaction.

What makes trade shows very effective is the face-to-face interaction. The core of trade show marketing success is a brand relating with as well as attracting attendees as prospective clients. This aids in positioning the brand or company name.

The people that usually frequent trade shows are those that have a say in making final buying decisions. These are quality people. Hence, trade shows attract the right crowd; not just some random curious attendees.

With this in mind, it is important that proper preparations be made and make use of such exposure to promote brand. Set up a trade show booth that is not only attractive and interesting, but exciting as well.

Planning Effective Trade Show Practices

Presently, we will have a look at the best practices to keep that would ensure you have an attractive and effective trade show.

Steps on Executing Effective Trade Show Practices

  • Research And Plan

It is important that you know the exact space measurement allocated to your firm. Is it small, medium or large? For trade shows, the measurement is usually 10” x 20”. It’s a good thing to take advantage of your rented space.

Find out if electricity is added to your rent; and if the space happens to be large, design it in such a way that it’s not cluttered up. The booth should be easily navigated and still remain spacious.

Also find out if chairs, cloths, extension cords and other needed facilities and amenities will be provided or if you are going to be providing yours.

  • Make Brand More Recognizable

Even if you are a familiar brand and your name is well known and recognized in the industry, it’s still very important that you make your brand easily recognizable, readable and pronounceable. Ensure your tagline and brand logo is posted, if you do have any.

If you use some awesome graphics and copy, it will make you more recognizable as well as help in sharing the message and nature of your business to the trade show participants.

  • Send Clear And Concise Message

Humanly speaking, it’s actually not possible to share every aspect of your business to trade show participants or clients within a few minutes from your booth. You just have to decide on one or two focal aspects of your business to highlight. You have to decide if you are going to be focusing on product quality, uniqueness, features, customer service or durability.

Catalogues and brochures are a good way of laying all these out to the participants.

  • Create An Open Space

It is not uncommon to see trade show participant’s placing tables in front of their booths. This blocks people and prevent them from entering your space. This is not something you would want to be doing. You do need some space that would allow you interact with them personally.

It’s true, though, that a table serves its purpose. You could place your brochures and other marketing materials on it, but a good personal and welcoming greeting of the participant is a whole lot more attractive and promising.

Don’t just sit down. Stand up and be active! Move around so that the participants will see that your brand does have some life!

  • Clear The Clutter And Make It Comfy

To make your trade show booth look more professional and show your business image, you need to unclutter your booth. This will create a good first impression to other vendors, trade show participants and even the organizers.

Your booth has one goal: to attract potential clients and suppliers and make more money in the process. So, don’t be sloppy. Organize your brochures, catalogues and business card in a professional fashion and you are on your way to getting there.

In conclusion, your booth should be uncluttered and comfy, to make a comfortable environment for you to relate personally with the trade show participants.

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