What is MegaRich Networks and Consults all about?

MegaRich Networks and Consults ltd is a non-governmental organisation localed in Nigeria with the aim of producing services and products aimed at empowering the youths; and thereby cutting down dependency on the society. We emphasize self-reliance through netpreneurship and entrepreneurship.

What core services do you render?

The services we render varies, depending on the client we are dealing with. While our focus is on the Nigerian youths, we do also offer key services foreign clients.

Some of our core services are:

  • Trainings on Financial Freedom using the internet, stocks investment and running an offline business venture.
  • Trainings on career developments, human resource management, staff training (as marketers and negotiators).
  • Desktop publishing
  • Website design, copywriting, eBook and article writings (in various niches), etc.

You can find out more about our services from the OUR SERVICES page.

How genuine are the products and services offered in this site?

We only offer products and services that will add value to lives. Some of these products will be our own products, as well as our own services. In addition, we will recommend some products and services which we feel will also add value to our readers and visitors.

Often times, we would have tried these products and services, while in some cases we would recommend even though we have not tried the products or services out. Where this is the case, we will let you know.

So, are the products and services offered here genuine?

Yes, they are!

What’s your club membership about; and how does it work?

The membership section of our website is where we offer Premium Trainings, such as Webinars, written and video recorded tutorials on various aspects of online and offline businesses.

The membership club comes in several phases so members can easily pick any phase they feel comfortable with. We also offer tips on how to choose the best phase and start making money in no time.

The club membership also offers access to some Premium Softwares AND plugins; and so many other resources that would normally cost thousands of dollars to get. Such resources includes:

  • EBook cover design softwares that is web-based with more than 100 templates to choose from and get your back covers designed in minutes.
  • Infographics web based software with 100 plus templates
  • Sales letter web based software with loads of templates
  • Facebook Contest App

And a host of other softwares, plugins, apps, eBooks, plr materials, themes, plr articles, etc. that awaits you in the membership area.

What’s the difference between the OUR PRODUCTS page and the SHOP page?

Noticeably, our website contains 2 shopping sections – OUR PRODUCTS and SHOP. They are both different types of shops.

OUR PRODUCTS – These are the products and services directly under the control of the firm. We manage and run everything relating to the products in this section; products which are either created directly by us; or we have bought rights to.

SHOP – This section of the site was created to assist undergraduates who find it difficult fishing out some top products during our monthly trainings in tertiary institutions spread across the country. We don’t own the products here, but are affiliates. However, we try to ensure that only reputable vendors’ products are showcased here.

Do you secure employment and IT opportunities for your Trainees?

We don’t give employments of any kind. Our job is to train our clients to be self-reliant using tested and sure mediums. In the area of career developments, for those who don’t want to venture into the world of netpreneurship or entrepreneurship immediately, but want to earn some income before stepping into this waters; we send alerts of available opportunities and in some cases ( which is not mandatory on our end ) link up with opportunities.