I am going to show you how you can get a FREE US address that you can use not only for your online transaction but as a storage point for goods you purchase in some of the reputable US shopping malls that you would normally not have access to and then have your goods shipped to you in your country of residence.

What I am about to share here might not make sense to some persons, especially those resident in the United States or European nations, but for those in some African countries and in places where PayPal is not often allowed or where certain shopping malls place a restriction on shiping to those countries, it could really come handy.

What am about to show you here is hot, and a lot of shoppers pay handsomely for the service. However, you will learn how to get it all for FREE.

Isn’t that sweet?

Why Get a US Address?

Frankly, no seasoned information marketer in Nigeria especially will ever ask such a question, but a newbie would. This write up is specially tailored for those newbies though some gurus will also find it useful.

A US address is needed for opening a US paypal account; buying goods from some US only shopping sites and for receiving affiliate cheques. What you can do with a US address as an information marketer is immeasurable. You don’t need to spend a decade online to know this.

In the earlier days of my internet business, I paid for my US address. You don’t have to pay for yours. You can get it absolutely free of charge from a number of sources.


This is a website that provides storage and shipping services for those living outside the US. For this to be possible, you would need to buy your products and get it shipped. This site provides you with a US shipping address to use in those sites. When you purchase goods, they get shipped to this address given to you by myamericanshopper.com. From the US, via American Shopper, it gets repackaged and shipped to wherever you are in the world for a fee. This site has been offering this service since 2002; which is more than a decade. They are reliable.

There are many other websites that offer US addresses for free but this site is one of the best that gives theirs for free; no recurring payments whatsoever.


This is another reputable site that provides a functional free US address that you can use to shop from reputable US shopping malls and get the products shipped from the warehouse to the country of your choosing.

The process here, as with most other shipping sites is simple.

  • You register for a free US address at their website.
  • You then shop in any US website or shopping mall, shipping the products or goods to the US address you were given.
  • You will then be given an invoice for the cost of shipping to your destination
  • The moment you pay, your goods will be on its way to your doorstep

It’s as easy as that. Easy peasy!

Lots of persons are scared of shopping online as a result of fraud. But, you should know that life is full of risk. Eating is risking. The food could get stuck in your throat. Sleeping is risky. You might never wake; and so is everything in life.

Life is a pool of risk; not just business.

So, if you need a free US address for your online transactions, these are two cool ways to get about it. There are loads of other sites that provides this service as well, but many are premium while I cannot really vouch for others.

I really hope this helps.

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  1. Good day sir,
    I have an issue with my voxox registration. I can’t find “create your account– To get started, we need a few details from you,” when trying to get a US number for my PayPal account. I should have uploaded those screenshots, if there are spaces for it here.
    Secondly, I got an email sent to me after registering for UK number. But I am confused sir. I can’t find the UK number included in the email, only a Nigeria’s number is displayed at the top of the email. What is it for?

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