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Get Rights To Resell 52 “White Label” EBooks On Internet Marketing


This is a package of 52 eBooks on internet marketing business that you can have access to right away, and start selling. They are well written and could establish you as an authority in the online marketing world.

Just few sales and you are on your way to some huge profits.

The 52 eBooks comes on various formats including Word Document so you can edit and add your name as the other as well as your company or business names, or even affiliate or advert links.

There are loads of options with such number of eBooks.

In addition, we are adding another 25 eBooks on such topics as Facebook marketing / business, health and wellness, etc.

In the next few minutes you could be downloading these books and editing them and selling right away.


Here are your rights to these eBooks.


[YES] Can be edited.

[YES] Can put your name as the author.

[YES] Can be broken down into articles.

[YES] Can be used as web or e-zine content.

[YES] Can be added into membership sites.

[YES] Can be sold in any format.

[YES] Can be packaged/bundled – *with one restriction.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus – **with one restriction.

[YES] Can be given away (in any format) – ***with one restriction.

[YES] Can be sold on auction sites.

[YES] Can offer (Master) Resell Rights.

[YES] Can resell Private Label Rights.

[YES] Can be published offline.


*You may bundle a maximum of 10 of these 52 eBooks in any one sale.

**You may bundle a maximum of 10 of these 52 eBooks for any bonus.

***You may give away a maximum of 3 of these eBooks for free on any one web page.

In short, you can do almost anything you want with this product, as long as it’s legal.


There is nothing like having your own very QUALITY products to sell; again and again and again; especially internet business related products.

It’s hot now and will be hot tomorrow and the day after. People will always want to buy them; be it videos, eBooks or apps.

Now, creating information products, even eBooks is not easy feats. We are talking about a huge amount of time and income being involved here.

That’s why this BUNDLE PACKAGE of eBooks with rights to do  whatever you want with, including putting your name on it as the author, is one you just NEVER buy pass.

All you need do is package one of them, make some adjustments and start selling on Facebook. With just a few sales, you would be on your way to making profit. You also get to establish yourself as an authority on online marketing without much stress; everything already done for you.

Here are some ideas on what you could do with these package:

  • CERTAINLY, You can and should use the books content for your own business!
  • You’ll Make Out Like A Bandit If You Sell It Cheaply on Facebook Using FB Ads…Go For It!
  • Be Adventurous…Change It Into a Physical Product and Sell It Offline or At a Seminar
  • Take Charge, put your name on it as the author
  • Don’t worry. It’s flexible, so you can change stuff to make it fit your individual business
  • While you’re at it, if you need to change it, you can package into a DVD or CD; be my guest; they call that repurposing these days.
  • I’m all for getting more money, so combine it with another product and sell it at a higher price
  • Live that “affiliate lifestyle”, use this product as a bonus for your affiliate offer
  • Bonuses make products HOT, so use this as a bonus on your launch

I could say more, but JUST use your imagination and you could a whole lot with this eBook package for sure!


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