In this article, I am going to show you how to cash in on the trending ecommerce business that’s booming right now and import goods into the country without ever stepping out of your bedroom.

This is going to be a series of training articles and video trainings that is a part of the mini importation and Facebook marketing package that I sell, but have decided to give it out to all my visitors for free.

In summary, in this article and accompany videos, you will get to learn the following:

  • You will learn what it takes to kickstart your mini import business with as little as N20, 000.
  • You will learn how to source for the right products that you can buy for cheap and make profits as high as 1000%.
  • You will also learn how to market to Nigerians or any other country in the world from the very comforts of you home.
  • You are also going to learn how you can cash in on ecommerce giants like Dealdey, Jumia, Konga, etc. and make money from these sites on autopilot.

And as an extra, you will get to learn how to use Facebook to make insane income from your mini importation business as you master Facebook advertising.

The sweetest thing about this business model is that once set up, it continues to make you profit continually; almost on autopilot.

This business model is perfect for those who are too busy to bother with online business models like fiverr but have the money to invest in buying products for cheap from outside the country and selling to Nigerians.

You are not only going to learn how to get products for super cheap but how to start selling those products right from day one and start reaping in profits.

With what you will learn here, you cannot go wrong!

You will learn secrets that will turn you into a millionaire and I won’t be surprised if you start shouting stuffs like Mr. Dan, you are too much! As many of my trainees often do.

Well, let’s get started!

Myths and Facts on Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

There are so many stories regarding importation business.

People have come to believe that it’s only the rich or alaba boys that can get into the business of importation. This is because they have it in mind that it takes millions of naira to kickstart.

How wrong they are!

Anyone can go into the business of importation and do well in it. It’s not reserved only for the wealthy or those that have connections with Nigerian Customs officers.

Whether you are young, old, a student, an undergraduate, a graduate, or already working; as long as you have the will and you are ready to take action you can cash into the opportunities available in the importation niche.

As you read this book, a handful of informed persons are already raking in millions from importation business; and these are Nigerian like yourself.

You don’t need to be a genius or have all the money in the world to import goods from overseas.

This article will open your eyes to not only see how easy it is to start but also evaluate the opportunities inherent in the importation business.

You can start with just N20, 000 and grow your business into millions with time; with dedication and wise planning of course.

If you ask me, this is one business you can start and quit your day job or job search forever. The knowledge you are about to gain will change your life forever; but only if you take action.

So, who is this business for?

Who should and can get into it?

The mini importation business is meant for any one that:

  • Wants a sure and passive way of making money despite the recession in Nigeria
  • For the unemployed who is tired and fed up with writing application letters
  • For those who are already working but need extra cash to settle some bills and challenges
  • Anyone who is interested in living a wealthy lifestyle and wants to shun poverty forever.

As a matter of fact, this business is for you!

You won’t go wrong with getting involved in mini importation business, and if you follow the tips in this article series that I will give presently, you WILL make money from importation business.

We are going to be tackling this topic by looking at three key points


These three aspects of doing mini importation business could either make or mar your business, and goes a long way to determining your profit or loss margin.

Now, let’s get started for real!


Anyone can get into importation business, but not everyone gets to be successful with it. Some actually achieve some amount of success and some fail woefully.

However, there are those handful of people who get to make millions and achieve immense success with mini importation business.

The question is, what differentiates those that achieve success with those that fail with mini importation business?

Get the answer right, and you have discovered the magic formula to succeeding with mini importation business; though there is no magic with it anyways.

The answer is the type of products you import, how cheap you import the products, your marketing strategies and your shipping and delivery methods.

The above factors combined determine your success or failure.

It might seem like a handful but it’s really simple once we start digging into it.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Into Mini Importation Business

Yes, it is true that practically anyone can venture into the importation business but there are some factors you have to consider before taking that leap, that’s if you want to be successful.

After all, someone might have knowledge of a business but foolhardiness or unnecessary risks coupled with wrong choices could be the bad karma.

The needs in your locality

This is the very first factor to consider. What do the people in your immediate environ need? If you are a student, then you MUST be able to see and decipher the needs of the students around you.

If you are a corper, then you should be able to perceive what your fellow corp members do need and if you happen to work in an office, let’s say, a bank you should know what your co-workers need.

Take for instance, if you are a student, and you start car importation, you might find it difficult making a sale as most students can’t afford a car.

Failure to know what those around you need before importing goods could land you into serious financial stress and your money could be tied down; leading to discouragement and hesitation to continue with the importation business.

Your financial strength

This is another factor to consider. How much should you invest? It is easy to get carried away just thinking of the profits you could make from importation and then go borrowing. The advice is to start small.

Never invest what you cannot endure the stress of if there is delay. I wouldn’t advise you to borrow on interest. The business is not running away, so no need to get stressed from the knocks of debtors waking you up in the morning.

You must analyze these two factors before venturing into importation business.

What Are The Tools Needed For a successful Mini Importation Business?

No one goes to the farm without the necessary tools as no one does anything in life successfully without basic preparations. The same applies to importation business. You need to have some tools before venturing in.

The following are some of what is needed to make mini importation successful.

A means of making payment internationally

You will need a valid VisaCard or MasterCard that is internationally accepted for you to do business with those in the UK, USA and China.

This is a MUST.

The good news is that anyone can now have access to a debit card that is international accepted. Almost all the banks now issue such cards.

I do make use of the one issued by Access Bank and FirstBank and they have not disappointed me so far. Before getting a debit card from any of the financial institutions where you bank, you could ask questions first.

I would advise you have an account linked to a debit card for the purpose of importation and online shopping generally.

Laptop with Internet connection

You will need a laptop connected online to be able to involve in importation business. However, a laptop is not a MUST here since obviously you could use a phone or cybercafé.

It would however make the whole deal easier if you have a laptop of your own to access anytime you want.

A valid home address

You MUST have a valid home address where your goods will be shipped to.

If you live in a cave or a hole where no one can locate you, then it would be a serious problem. If that is your case, you could use the address of a friend or relation that can be easily located.

A USA / UK address

This is another required tool that you need have if you are importing from sites in the US or UK that don’t ship directly to Nigeria.

This is not an issue at all, but if there is ever need for this, you could check out the article on Internet Marketing Tools that’s available here in our website.

A free email address

It could be Gmail, Yahoomail, etc. Just pick any that catches your fancy.


You can start with any amount…. even if it’s with just N20, 000. Just take the initial action and up the capital later.

However, the more you invest, the higher the dividends and returns all things being equal.

What Products Should You Import? Things to consider.

We have already seen the factors to consider before even considering going into mini importation, and now it’s time to have a look at the products to consider having made up your mind to go into the business.

Of what use is importing a product no one will buy, or selling a product or products that few people are interested in?

Instead of giving you a list of hot selling products, I will rather show you the criteria or things to look into before ever importing products or any product as a matter of fact.

Products To Import – The Products To Concentrate On

When it comes to mini importation, there are certain products you MUST concentrate on. I call these FOCUS PRODUCTS.

As a matter of fact, these are the ONLY products you should consider when doing mini importation.

  • Health Related Products – any product that has to do with health sells like hot cakes right now, and will sell like hot cakes tomorrow and the day after.

Health related products roll that way!

Every one cares about his / her health, and would do anything, or better, pay anything to remain in good health or solve a health challenge.

And one good thing about health products is that it’s continual. Once they buy from you, they will keep on ordering.

It’s evergreen.

These are the products you should be importing.

One good niche in the health-related products that does really well is the EMBARRASING PRODUCTS NICHE. These are products that many are shy to walk into a pharmacy and order but they are ready to buy online as there is privacy with online ordering.

These could be products that cure STDs, etc.

  • Products That Saves Time, Meant For Convenience and Adds Value – yeah, these products sell as if the world is coming to an end.

Products that helps saves time, or make accomplishing tasks easier or that adds value are we all need, so no surprise that it should sell.

In this age, everyone appears to be in a hurry, and products or gadgets that assists with this is bound to sell.

Take for instance, the Infra-Red Charger is a hot product that both saves time and is very convenient. Hang it up on the ceiling and it just charges your phones, no matter the phone brand and wherever you are in the vicinity.

People buy such products as it adds value and saves time.

Another product is the Selfie Stick which is meant for convenience as you can easily snap yourself and friends without any external assistance.

  • Safety / Security Products – this is another group of products that sells. In this era of safety and security consciousness, safety products are really really hot.

Car security products, Personal security gadgets and house security will sell…and continue to sell.

Imagine a product that gives you a view of your house anywhere you are in the world and all you need do is install an app in your phone or a car security gadget that helps you view your car from anywhere it’s packed.

These products sell and anyone can make millions from them.

  • Viral Selling Products – these are products that are considered to be hot and are trending at the moment.

For such products, everyone wants to lay their hands on them. An example of the trending product that also falls under time saving product is the Selfie Stick.

Almost everyone at a time wanted to get one for themselves as it’s very convenient and also makes you look cool.

  • Rare Products With Almost No Alternative – these are products that are so rare to the extent that there is almost no alternative; or even zero alternative.

It leaves no option than to buy it.

If you happen to land even one of such rare but highly needed products, it will make you millions; and that is from just one product.

One of such products with almost zero alternative is the fuel addictive that is said to reduce fuel consumption by 30% even if your car AC is always on.

With the hike in fuel price, this commodity becomes really hot, and if you market it, it will pave the way for you to make millions as there are millions of car owners in Nigeria.

The Products Not To Import – The Taboo Products

As there are great products to import, there are also products that will kill your dream of becoming a mini importer.

These are the taboo products; products you must keep away from at all cost.

Some of these products can actually make you some money, but with the approach we want to take, importing them would cost you more, and sometimes tie your funds down.

We don’t want this….so we keep away from such products!

  • Products That Costs More Than $10 – for now, as a newbie or someone that wants to reap big profits from mini importation, you would want to keep away from products that costs more than $10.

But why?

The reason is that if you buy a product for more than $10 and let’s say you finally get a profit of N3, 000 on it after all logistics; you would find out that you could get a products for $3 or less and sell to make a profit of same N3, 000.

So, instead of paying $10 for a product that gives you a profit of N3000, you can use the $10 to get 4 products that each makes a profit of N3000.

Do the math!

That’s a profit of N12, 000 for almost same cost and logistic.

I always advise going for cheap and quality products to sell that gives the maximum profit.

  • Bulky and Heavy Products – Except for custom order / purchase where the customer has already paid beforehand and you are meant to supply the products; avoid bulky and heavy products like leprosy.

Any product that weighs more than 0.5kg should be avoided.

This is because such products will cost you more to ship down and thus reduce your profit margin grossly.

You don’t want that bro!

Target products that weigh <0.5kg.

  • Products With No Buzz and Trends – these are lackluster products that have no buzz in the online community.

Avoid such products!

The fact that no one is talking about such products tells that it’s not making wave and the wrong products to import.

Importing such will only occupy space and tie down your monies.

You certainly don’t want that.

Techniques To Finding Hot Products To Import

We have seen the types of products to import and those not to import.

Now, how do we fish out or uncover those types of products that are the best to import?

What are the techniques to use to be certain that the products we are importing will sell before importing them?

  • Spying and researching on established stores

This is perhaps the most powerful way of researching and fishing out the golden gems when it comes to products that will sell.

Nothing pays better than spying and researching top ecommerce websites and stores to find out what’s selling.

There are softwares that helps you automate this task, but you could do it manually by visiting ecommerce websites like Jumia, Konga, and Dealdey; and researching various products to see which has highest orders and what people are loving.

Then go ahead and import those same products having seen that they are selling using the secret shopping website that I will reveal to you shortly.

  • Researching and Riding On The Back of Authority Figures

Nothing pays better than spying on masters of the game and authority figures. These persons know their game and know what’s actually selling`, so all you need do is spy on them and copy them.


You will be getting orders more than you can handle.

But how do you spy on them?

You use social media……….and am talking about Facebook.

Go to Facebook Search Bar and type in Pay On Delivery OR Cash On Delivery and various top selling merchants that are into mini importation and what they are selling will show up.

Go through all the results and fish out those products that people are in love with. These are those products that have loads of comments and shares.

Remember to restrict the target location to Nigeria so you don’t get weird results.

  • Cashing In On What’s Trending

Trust me on this. Nothing sells like trending products.

Anything getting the buzz online is a sure best seller. You will make loads of cash from it while the trend is still on, and it pays to ride on such trends.

Remember when the Selfie Stick was trending and also the Power Bank?

Smart marketers made loads of cash from such trends.

Always have an eye for what’s trending online and cash in on it.

Now that we have seen how to research, identify and pick hot in demand products, let’s get to see where we can actually import these products for cheap and sell for maximum profit.

Reliable Merchants To Import Goods From – vs vs

There are myriads of websites online where you can easily buy cheap goods; and many keeps springing up.

However, not all these shopping sites are safe; since majority of them are scams out to game the unwary.

I will show you some that I have used; and that have stood the test of time for their reliability and surety of online security for the visitors and buyers. You won’t get scammed doing business in these websites.

Here are a handful of some of the most reliable and trusted sites.

  • (China website)
  • (China website)
  • (China website)
  • (US website)
  • (US website)
  • (UK website)

The above are reliable and trustworthy.

For the purpose of this article, we will make use of and

Aliexpress is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world, competing with the likes of ecommerce giants like

Almost everyone in the ecommerce niche visit AliExpress.

I have bought products from AliExpress and sold for thousands of naira, making a boatload of money in the process.

Many folks still use to make money from mini importation as all their products are gotten from there.

There is nothing bad there. It’s a totally reliable platform and you could make millions from there.

But, what if there is a reliable platform where you could get same products that you import from AliExpress for ½ or one quarter the price?

Would you be interested?

I bet you would!

That’s the new site I now use to get all my products from China. This is the SECRET website I will reveal to you, and I will show you how to make use of the site.

The website is

This is the main essence of this training. Where you can actually get products for cheap; cheaper than what you get at or is similar to, so we will just be concentrating on when comparing to

The reason why we are even having a look at is because we are going to be visiting the website to research products when we want to import, then go over to to make our purchase.

Very few people are aware of, and for good reasons. only ships within china, and the website is in Chinese language….or you can say Mandarin; thus making it difficult to buy from there unless you are based in China and understand Mandarin / Chinese language.

You will learn how you can go around this, buy from the website and have it shipped to you in Nigeria.

Let’s Have a Look at The Platform

First, you have to visit The webpage below should show up.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 1

Click on the Join link and you will be directed to the page below where some details will be required from you.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 3

Fill the information required as above and click on the Create My Account button. A screen will appear that you have successfully joined and that you should check your email address for verification link.

Log on to your email address, the one you used to register and view the mail from AliExpress.

Confirm by clicking the link provided as shown below.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 5

You will be redirected back to the AliExpress homepage when you click as above.

It’s as simple as that. You will now be able to not only view products on AliExpress but make purchases as well.

However, our purpose for registering with AliExpress is for Researching of Products and not making purchases.

Our purchases will be done at

Note that it’s free to register with AliExpress.

How To Search For The Right Products at AliExpress To Buy at

At this point in time, it’s important that you know how to search out the EXACT products you want to buy on We make use of keywords or phrases in searching for products in platforms like this.

We are going to use to illustrate our point.

Here we go.

Let’s assume you want to search for Human hair which is a hot product right now in the Beauty niche.

You could use the following keyword “human hair with free shipping”

mini importation business

If we use the details above as shown, we will get the following product results. If free shipping is not showing on default, then click the Free Shipping link as above

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 8

As you can see above, the price for Human Hair is quite cheap; far cheaper than is obtainable in Nigeria if you convert the dollar to our home currency. For instance, take a look on the highlighted product above.

It’s just between $24 and $38 per set. This is about N10, 000 maximum. On a good day, these human hairs and weavons could go for as high as N20, 000 to N60, 000 depending on whom you are selling to, but here you buy them for as low as N10, 000.

Fantastic profit I must say.

However, as tempting as the prices are, you don’t just rush and buy. You have to check out the reviews of customers about the sellers.

Now that we have gotten the price of the product at, copy the name of the product or download the picture and head over to to check out the price there and compare.

Sourcing Products From The Right Way

Now that we have gotten the product we want to buy from, we can now go and purchase for very cheap at

But there is a problem with this! is purely in Mandarin, and meant for those based in China. In addition, even if you can speak and understand Mandarin, they don’t ship outside of China.

The only way to buy products from the site is if you understand Mandarin, the Chinese language…..and that you are based there or have someone who understands Mandarin and is based in China.

Because, even if you understand Mandarin, you will still have to ship outside China as you are based in Nigeria; and this won’t work.

There is a way around this.

We are going to make use of trusted suppliers and point men who will buy on our behalf and have it shipped to us in Nigeria…and fast too.

To source for products at, there are two approaches.

  1. You can take the link of the product from AliExpress and give it to the point men / trusted suppliers who will then help with the research of the products to get the cheapest price for similar products. 
  2. You can do the research yourself by using same / similar keywords or product name you used at AliExpress to search for it at Get the similar product with cheapest amount and then copy the link from and give it to the point man. With this, you are able to ascertain you get the exact product at the cost you want.

Let’s carry this out so you see it pictorially.

Let’s go to

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 10

Type the keyword “Human Hair” into the search bar. As you type the words, you will see that you will be offered suggestions of keywords both in Mandarin and English.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 12

These is because some sellers here describe their products both in English and Mandarin. It’s a good thing.

There are however some products that are purely in mandarin, and that’s where Point Men come into play.

Now, search.

You will be directed to the screen below.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 14
How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 16
How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 18

Scroll through to check up the various prices. Then compare the prices in naira using google search.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 20
How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 22

As seen above, as at the time of writing this article,

18 Yuan = N991.50 and $24 = 8640. You see the big difference of more than N7, 500.

This is insane!

If we go to Jumia to see what this is sold in Nigeria you will begin to understand the profit that can be made from doing mini importation business.

Go to and search for HUMAN HAIR and the search results below will show up. Go through and compare prices.

How To Make N300k to N2Million Monthly from Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 24

You see the prices of human hair in Nigeria at Jumia.

And you get this at for less than N1, 000. You can make insane profits buying products from this site and selling in Nigeria.

When we get to how to market your imported products, I will show you how to start selling your products in places like Jumia and Konga as you see above.

In summary, to buy products at you make use of trusted suppliers and point men who are based in China by providing them with the URL either from Aliexpress or from

You can also tell them to find out the cheapest possible price of the product and they will do so for you.

I have provided their contact details and how to reach out to them in the Resources at the end of this article.

Save the contact in your WhatsApp phone and remember that China is GMT +8, meaning that they are 7 hours ahead of us. Bear this in mind before contacting the suppliers and point men in the Resources doc attached.

Making Payments For The Purchase at

One of the biggest challenges that persons doing mini importation face is the making of payments.

This has become even more difficult with this present administration as limitation has now been placed on our cards relating to making international payments.

Most banks don’t even allow making international payments whereas those that allow limit it to a certain low amount monthly. The maximum for some banks is $100 monthly.

It’s funny but that what’s happening!

Well, there are ways to walk around the challenge of making international payments; especially for those into mini importation. You don’t need to be restricted by all those regulations as am about to show you how to go about it.

Using PayPal, Naira Deposit and Payoneer Payments

PayPal is accepted almost everywhere and is accepted for making payments at

What is required is that you get in touch with one of the Point Men / Suppliers in the Resource Section and after discussions and products searching, tell them you want to make your payment using PayPal.

They will then give you their PayPal email address.

You don’t need to own a PayPal account to make payments or transfers to them as this is not yet allowed in Nigeria.

However, in the RESOURCE section of the article, you will see PayPal funders that have been provided. They are reliable and trustworthy.

Just give them the Point Man’s PayPal email and they will help you with the funding.

Depending on the exchange rate, it normally ranges between N340 – N360 to $1 as at the time of writing this article.

This is better than most exchange rates you will find anywhere out there.

Once the money gets to them in China, they will help with processing your purchases and other logistics as agreed.

Aside PayPal, some of them now accept direct naira deposits.

Once you agree with them, they will give you their Nigerian bank account and you pay in the required money, send them proof of payment and all is set.

This is so cool as it makes things easier and eliminates the need of buying PayPal funds.

The final payment method is Payoneer. Recall we dwelt on this in the article on business tools.

Get a Payoneer card. It’s free.

With this card, you can make payments anywhere as it’s a US debit card and is accepted internationally.

Making payments online generally could be quite some tasks but as far as importation business goes, just follow the simple tips in this book and you can’t go wrong.

Shipping Your Products From China To Nigeria – Affordable and Fast Shipping

Now that you have gotten all the products you need, great! But they are all in China, and you need to get them shipped to Nigeria.

If you have ever had goods shipped from China or any other country, you will agree that there are loads of headaches involved.

The most common methods of getting products shipped are DHL, EMS, NIPOST, etc.

While they are good, these shipping methods could cost you an arm and a tooth, and are not totally reliable at times.

If you were to ship your products from China to Nigeria using DHL, my oh my, you will pay heavily for it.

We are going to be using some logistics company in China that are really cheap and equally fast as well.

After your products have been bought and sourced, they will send you the cost of either Cargo or Express delivery on WhatsApp to confirm which of the delivery methods you want, as well as the weight and equivalent cost of your delivery.

You pick your choice.

Cargo normally takes between 14 – 21 days, though sometimes they can surprise you and you get in less than 9 days.

Express delivery takes between 24 – 48hrs, but it’s a little bit more expensive.

When compared to shipping with DHL and similar delivery services, the logistics company are far cheaper and deliver your goods faster as well.

Once your products get to their office in Lagos, they will send you a message that they have received your products and to come pick it up.

It’s that simple.

Logistic Companies, Their Shipping Methods and Cost

I am going to be giving you a resource document that contains a list of Logistics Company you can work with, as well as their shipping methods and rates. You will find this in the resource section of this article.

Choose one of the logistics company and work with them.

If you are not comfortable with how they run their things; which is highly unlike; you can always switch to another Logistics company.

One given fact is that these logistics companies are super cheap compared to DHL and the likes.

Again, you will find their contact details and rates in the RESOURCE SECTIO of this article as a word doc.

If noted, there are different shipping methods offered by these logistics companies that ship from China to Nigeria and the methods are as follows:

  • Express Shipping
  • Normal / Cargo

The Express Shipping is delivered within 24hrs – 48hr, and it’s really fast. The charge are normally $7/kg with N500 express delivery charges.

Express delivery is advised when you have clients that need the orders fast and you need to meet with delivery deadlines.

For Normal / Cargo delivery, this takes between 7 – 21 days. The charges are normally between $4 – $4.5 /kg and N380 express delivery charges.

While not as fast as the Express Delivery, if you don’t have pending orders, or you are not in a hurry to get your products delivered to you in Nigeria, this is the most suitable method of shipping as it’s cheaper.

If you take a good look at the rates of shipping here and compare it to that of AliExpress, you will agree that it’s both faster and a whole lot cheaper.

Once your products are shipped to Nigeria, you can then go to Lagos and go collect at their office.

 If you are not based in Lagos, or you don’t want to go down to the office and collect your products, you could tell them to send it to wherever you are in Nigeria through waybill, and they will do so for you.

You will however have to bear the cost of transporting down to you, as well as give them between 24hrs – 48hr to get it packaged and sent to you.

The good news also is that the Logistics companies can be paid in naira!

This concludes how to source your products from China and getting it delivered to Naija.

Let’s now move on to the next very important and exciting part – Marketing Your Products.

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