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Learning how to start up candle and coloured candle chunk making business in Nigeria is a good business that could bring in some extra income.

Despite the advent electricity, solar panels and other modern lightning gadgets, candles still find a prominent place in all societies; both for commercial and household uses.

Candles find usages in both homes and other places especially during festive periods. It is not only the white garment churches and spiritual houses that make use of candle.

Candles, especially coloured chunk candles find usage in romantic settings and hotels. Candles come in various shapes, sizes and colours and they could be a means of generating endless income for anyone, hence it is not a bad idea learning how to start up candle and coloured candle chunk making business in Nigeria.

What Do You Need To Start Up Candle and Coloured Chunk Candle Making Business?

The cost and tools needed to start up candle and coloured chunk candle making business won’t break the bank and anyone can afford and source them.


The following are the equipment needed for the production of candles.

Moulds – this is where you pour in the candle solution to allow for solidification.

Heating system – this is used for melting the chemicals

Cooling tank – this promotes fast solidification of the mould content. For household production or practical purposes, a bucket of water could be used.

Wick – this is the component that burns with the aid of the paraffin oil. It could easily be a cotton twine.


Chemical Requirements

Paraffin wax – this is the basis of candle production.  Paraffin could be imported or gotten locally; but the imported one is by far purer.

Paraffin oil – this is the combustible substance in the combination. The concentration of paraffin oil determines the brightness of the flame and how fast it melts. Insufficient paraffin oil will produce a dull flame.

Stearic acid – this controls the rate at which the wax melts. The more stearic acid that is added the lesser the rate of burning.

Colorant – this comes into play when producing coloured candles.

Start Up Candle and Coloured Chunk Candle Making Business – Industrial Formula

  • Paraffin wax 1kg
  • Paraffin oil 200g
  • Stearic acid 250g


Start Up Candle and Coloured Chunk Candle Making Business – Household Formula

  • Paraffin wax 200g
  • Paraffin oil ½ table spoon
  • Stearic acid ½ table spoon


  • First, set up the heating system
  • Now, cut the paraffin wax into small pieces and pour them into the boiler
  • Stir vigorously until the whole wax chips are well blended
  • Add the paraffin oil and Stearic acid. Stir thoroughly until they are well blended
  • Set up the mould by oiling them with paraffin oil, and then thread with the wick
  • Now run the candle solution into the prepared moulds
  • Send the moulds into the cooling tank and allow solutions to solidify
  • Remove cones, push candles out of the moulds; and your candles are ready.

As you can see, it’s as easy as described above.

Coloured Chunk Candles Production


Coloured chunk candles are very beautiful and come in a variety of colours. They produce a nice fragrance as the wax melts. Coloured chunk candles find a variety of uses as in decorations; romantic settings, etc.


  • Milk tins for moulds
  • Stove
  • Pot
  • Wick

Chemical requirements

  • Paraffin wax – 200g
  • Paraffin oil – ½ table spoon
  • Stearic acid – ½ table spoon
  • Colour pigments (green and red)
  • Perfume

The preparation of coloured chunk candles entails two steps:

  1. Making of the wax for the chunks and
  2. Making the coloured chunk candles

Procedure For Making The Wax For The Chunks

  • Set up the pot on a heating system; pour in the paraffin wax and allow to melt.
  • Add the paraffin oil and stearic acid. Stir thoroughly until it all dissolves
  • Remove from the heating system and share the solution into two portions
  • Now add the green colour pigments to one half and the red colour pigment to the other half; stirring properly for good blending
  • Add perfume to both mixtures and stir thoroughly
  • Pour the melted wax into a greased deep tray
  • Allow the wax to set; turn it carefully on a clean sheet and then quickly cut the wax into chunks of tiny squares. You could do it any way you choose to.
  • Now, store the wax chunks in plastic containers for candle making later on. There is possibility of some chunks sticking together as they cool down. Give the containers a couple of good shakes and they will break apart.
Procedure For Making Coloured Chunk Candles
  • Now that we have gotten our coloured chunks as above, get milk tins with one side completely open
  • Make a tiny hole in the middle of the other side to allow the wick through
  • Grease the milk tins with paraffin oil and then thread the wick through the holes
  • Prepare a fresh candle solution with no added colour but perfumed a little
  • Pour in the candle solution into the milk tins and then push in some coloured chunks
  • Keep aside. Allow it to cool and set
  • When it is set, remove the candles from the milk tins and they are ready for use.

These candles are beautiful when lit and produce a nice fragrance as they burn.

There, you have it all. It’s not a big deal to start up candle and coloured candle chunk making business in Nigeria.

You could either learn how to go about it for household use or commercial and all the materials can be gotten from the marketplace. Just ask for the chemical section in any market and you will get all you need for candle production.