There are loads of online business models that one can copy and make money online legitimately here in Nigeria. While some are newbie friend, others are however made and tailored for the advanced marketers. The good news though is that everyone, even the seasoned pro marketer was once a newbie.

In this article piece, I will give a list of online ventures that anyone can start off with quickly and earn reasonable income online. They are not some new make money online business models. Many people are into them and making a fortune from them. They are tested and tried, and if carried out well enough could change your fortune and make you retire from you day job.

Let’s get started.

5 Make Money Online Business Models


Blogging is not a new term in the internet marketing world. There are many people into it; from individuals who do it for fun and passive income to multinationals that use it to promote their brand.

Blogging, when done well can generate some good passive income; whether a free blog or paid one. There are many that will cry out that money cannot be made from providing content through blogging. This is so not true. If a blog is well set up and good content provided as well as good SEO, you can be sure of success; all things being equal.

The trick lies with setting up several blogs and furnishing them with good quality unique content, while keeping good SEO practices in mind. There is no way you will not make income.

To make money online from blogging, you could combine advertisements with affiliate products in related niches.

I will not show you how to set up a blog here but there will be a downloadable material that you could check up at the end of this write up. It’s FREE to download.

Download Free Blogging Resource

Affiliate Marketing

There is hardly any top internet marketer that is not into affiliate marketing and its one of the fastest and sure ways to make money online especially here in Nigeria. In simple terms, it entails selling other peoples products / services for a percentage of the profit. It is a great way of making money even if you don’t have your own products to sell.

If you have a list…or you learn the rudiments of list building and put it into use, you could be making quite a fortune monthly. Whether it’s an eCom store, or affiliate blog, the money you could make online could run into thousands of dollars with a network of such affiliate sites spread around online.

Seriously, no matter the amount of your own products, if you are not into affiliate marketing you are leaving money on the table. The good news is that both newbies and seasoned pro marketers can earn money from affiliate marketing.

You may download the material on Affiliate Marketing below….for Free.

Download Free Affiliate Marketing Resource

Facebook Income

Almost everyone is on Facebook; at least a good number of persons. It’s the most popular social networking site around, and any sane marketer could cash in on this fact to earn good income online using simple easy strategies.

With millions of people on Facebook, it’s no wonder that many smart marketers are taking advantage and making a killing from it. You too can, and it’s not rocket science.

There are different ways of making money from Facebook:

  • Using Facebook groups and fan pages
  • Using Facebook ads
  • Facebook apps, etc.

There are so many ways to make money from Facebook and I have made a FREE eBook available for download to get you started.

Download Free facebook Marketing Resource

Membership Website

Another cool way anyone can use to make money online are membership websites. And yes, anyone can do it; even if you don’t have your own products. You could make use of PLR resources by rebranding them.

Membership websites provides income on a recurring basis; and there are free scripts and plugins that you can use to get started with building your membership sites even if you are on a tight budget. Truth is, if done right, it could be a way putting some good cash in the bank.

Download Free Membership Website Resource


Fiverr is one of a kind freelancing website, and since its inception has gained much ground. Personally, I have made more than $10, 000 from fiverr with ease; doing what I love most. This might seem like a bold claim, but I will not just be showing screenshots but video proofs as well in future write ups.

It was a good source of income when I was starting out, and the good thing about fiverr is that you don’t need any initial investment, website or whatever. Just your time. All you need do is set up your gig and you are good to go. I made my first sale within 30 minutes of setting up my gig.

I will be providing a detailed course on this and it will be available in the member’s area when we open it up soon.

In the meantime, download this resource below to get you started with fiverr.

Download Free Fiverr Income Resource

In conclusion, this write up is meant to showcase to you the various options available when it comes to making cash online; and these are just a small part of what the internet has to offer in terms of passive income. Money can be made online and the ball is in your court.

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  1. Comment…. D ebooks are not downloading…. I really don’t know why… But the ideas are great and I’ll really love 2 try it…

    1. Its good to know you like the ideas. As for the ebooks and materials not downloading, I suggest you give it another trial. Tried it from a different laptop and it downloads just fine. Give it another shot please.

  2. hello Daniel…. I got a book written by you, really an inspiring piece… I sure love it… the fiverr market place is making sense…. I would like to try that out…. just wanted to plead if you could possibly help me out…. with the ” secret ingredient website for the resources to trade.. since I’m still trying to dig what I’m really good at….. Thanks a bunch…. people should know more about you. I think I changed my perception towards internet marketing since I came in contact with that book.

    1. Hello Clement, really appreciate you dropping by and that in my own little way I have given you the push into delving more into online marketing. As regard the SECRET INGREDIENT WEBSITE, there is really nothing really like that. However, there are websites known to a few marketers where good commissions can be made as an affiliate as well as some lesser used freelancing platforms. I will be opening up a membership platform in this site soon and you could gain access. There will be a FREE section and it will be loaded with all you will need to make it online. Thanks and appreciate the fact that you loved my book!

  3. hi Daniel. ….. still the ebooks are not downloading. …want to get Information on how I can be receiving the money I make from Facebook to my account

    1. hello Sara, its good to hear from you. Sorry that the ebooks are not downloading from your end. seems okay from my side here, but will look into it. Concerning receiving earnings from facebook, i believe you mean what you earn from You use paypal, but they dont allow Nigerians to use it to accept payments online, except make payments. So, you either ask someone overseas to assist with collecting payments or use You may visit the site to find out more.

  4. Good evening sir, i gained alot when u came to futminna lastweek…. My question is “SHOULD I GO STRAIGHT TO www. hidemyip. com, wat i mean is it d first thing to do? I also av d book (LEGITIMATE ONLINE INCOME)

    1. Hello Emmy, i don’t really know what you are going into…but, the hidemyip software is meant to hide your identity online, and if it regards gaining access to sites that would otherwise block you out, then it should be the first thing to do. Hope i answered your question?

  5. sir Dan…tnkz 4 hostin such an educatve semnar/wrkshp @ FUTMx..i realy did enjoyd it..Sir, kip d gud wrk..GOD BLESS U!!

    1. GOD bless you too and appreciate the kind words!We are working on the packages promised that will add value to the lives of the seminar participants. Have a great day.

    1. first, i will advise against verifying as a US citizen as you risk getting your account blocked.

      Nigerians can now verify their paypal account from Nigeria using their bank account. the only restriction is that you can use it to receive payments.

      However, if you still need a US bank account….virtual…for receiving payments, then you can go with payoneer. open a account to get your payoneer MasterCard delivered to you in Nigeria. They will also give you a virtual US bank account that you can use to receive payments, that can then be transferred to your payoneer card.

      i hope this helps!

    1. Hello Eucharia, there are a couple of ways to get a US phone number; both the free and paid means but the easiest is to use to TextPlus app which you can download from your google app store for free. With this, you get access to a free US phone number. I hope this helps!

  6. Thanks Mr. Dan for the pdf, it was really helpful. I tried creating an account on mylikes, but its not working. I don’t really know why, can you help me pls. secondly i want to know how i can fund my payoneer card becoz i wanted to link it to my US paypal account, but it seems like i need atleast 1$ in the card first before i can link it. Lastly, i want to know how to do the SEO and Traffic job on fiverr….pls help me out

  7. Mr Dan big up to u……. D entire student of polytechnic ede really appreciate u, tnx n God bless. Pls wat is d name of the website you said one can get cheap laptop tnx

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