With the internet becoming really popular as a means of changing ones fortune for the better, there has been some pertinent questions relating to internet marketing as a means of livelihood or passive income.

Also, there have been unbelievable yet true stories of individuals who changed their fortunes; from gross lack to more than enough money they can spend in a lifetime. While different internet marketing models exist, they all have the same goal; to make you more money than you can ever spend so you can retire with peace.

  • Is internet marketing for everyone?
  • Can you really rely on the internet as a source of livelihood?
  • Is it a dependable source of income?
  • Are there actually people who depend solely on the internet for their income source?
  • What is preventing people from really investing on the internet as their income source if it’s so lucrative?
  • Why are more people not making money online?
  • Why do some people fail with internet marketing?

All of the above questions are quite pertinent, and before we round up this article piece all the above questions would have been answered and you should be able to decide if this is the income path you would want to pursue full time, or part time.

Is The Internet a Reliable Source of Income?

If you were to ask me this question even in my sleep, I would say that the internet is the most reliable source of income; if you have got a good system set up. It’s not only reliable but steady. I would say you should go and ask the likes of Mark Zukerberg, Ewen Chia, Mike Filsaime and Alex Jeffrey; even here in Nigeria, the well-known blogger, Linda Ikeji. If you have never heard of these names, then punch them into your google search bar and see what pops out.

The internet is real and is producing more millionaires than any other money making models in this dispensation. The good thing about the internet is that you don’t need a college degree, an office or even capital to get it going. If you have gotten any one of the aforementioned or all of them, the better; but they are really not needed. Dropouts have made a fortune for themselves in the internet marketing world, and we will show you how to do same in this website.

The market is so large that it can never be saturated! This is so cool. In fact as I type these words, I am elated as I just got to learn of another system that could put some extra cash in my bank account; and will for you too. That’s one good thing about the internet. There is always a business model that’s tailored to fit what you can do even from the comforts of your home.

So, is internet marketing for everyone?

Nope, it’s not!

But I just said that a college degree, skill or capital is not needed. Doesn’t this mean that anyone can get into it?

Good question. And the answer is still a NO. Not everyone can get into the world of internet marketing, and here is why.

Why Many Fail With Internet Marketing

The internet is certainly not for anyone, just as rocket science or football is not for everyone. The only difference is that it is more difficult with football and rocket science than with online marketing.

Internet business takes real patience, skills and the right tools; just like with any other real world business. Internet business should be treated like a real business, because it is a real business. Many don’t see internet business to be anything real, and see it as something abstract and just to be tried out. Delving into it with such mentality will only result in failure.

So, why are many people not making it with internet business if it’s so real, and if some of such businesses doesn’t require any initial investment?

There are so many reasons for this, but let me touch some of the core ones here.

They Enter It With The Wrong Notion

Some persons that have heard success stories with internet marketing tend to see it as a get rich quick program and get into it with such notion. Most will eventually fail. Internet marketing as mentioned earlier is a real business and not something you rush into just to make some quick bucks. You might actually make some quick bucks if you go in with such mentality, but will eventually end up failing.

Lack of Direction and Mentor(s)

This is another reason why many fail miserably with online marketing. They don’t seem to have any direction. They go into any online business that they are told or read is working at the moment. They go for the latest loophole without any concrete business base, often buying the latest shiny object in the IM world. The end result is failure.

To really succeed with online business, you would need a solid action plan which often comes with having a mentor. Having someone to lead you by the hand will quicken your success and make things a whole lot easier for you. True, it might cost you some money to get the services of a good mentor but it’s well worth it in the end. Most persons you see doing well online had a mentor at one point in time.

Dedication and Persistence

To succeed in any venture, there is the need for dedication and perseverance. Same with online businesses. You will need to put in your very best, and even if it appears not to be working out at the moment, you still keep on with it.

That’s the spirit.

That it appears not to be working out at the moment doesn’t mean it will not. As long as you are following a sure and working model, it will eventually pan out well.

Lack of Investment Funds

It is true that you don’t need investment to start making money online. Online businesses like freelancing and even affiliate marketing doesn’t require any initial investment on your part.

However, if you intend to be among the top dogs in the industry, you will need to invest some good amount of money.

List building tools, memberships, websites, video tools, etc. all require funds and lack of investment resources is one solid reasons why some persons are not making it big in the online world.

Though, it is good to only invest what you are ready to lose.

Like all other forms of business, online businesses is full of risks, and you take calculated risks. If you are not yet ready for such, then get a day job and work online part time. See how it goes before putting your all and all in it.

I will tell you this though. There is money to be made online, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or get a Ph.D. in marketing to cash in on it.

See you at the top bro!

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