I guess there are loads of resources on how you can make money online from affiliate marketing dished out by many self-acclaimed gurus and newbies alike. Most of these resources are either hard to comprehend, or plain out useless. The reason for this is that most of these people have never had experience with affiliate marketing or have never made money as affiliates.

So, what has such a person got to teach you! Beats me too!

What I will show you here are from my own personal experience. I will reveal some basic tricks that should get you going.

It’s so easy to make money online from affiliate marketing as an affiliate, marketing another person’s product. It is perhaps the easiest way I have found to really make money income online especially here in Nigeria. However, it takes more than putting up a fancy website, doing some campaigns or writing promotional articles and press releases. These are not bad in themselves. In fact, I am with you here.


But, there are some things you heed to get really right if you want to make good income online as an affiliate marketer. A whole load of cabash goes into play to make money as an affiliate in the 5-6 figure margin. It does start somewhere though.

I will be dwelling on some of these things in future articles in this site. Really coded stuffs that super affiliates are doing to earn big online; even while they are sipping champagne with their super model girl friend or relaxing in a breezy beach in the Caribbeans.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Frist, let’s get the basics right.

I might have to assume that many folks don’t know a hoot what I have been talking about. They might have heard about affiliate marketing somewhere but they don’t know s##t about it at all. Let’s explain, albeit briefly, what it is all about before giving you tips on how you could do well with it.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is when you generate leads or get customers for a company or companies in order to get paid. It requires getting targeted and responsive visitors to your website or a web page and convincing them to either join up a program, fill up a form, download a software or purchase products of other people.

You get paid for making your visitors take any of the above actions. The payment could take several forms and laid out commissions.

Cost Per Sale – this entails getting paid for every sale you are able to bring in. For instance, if you are able to convert a visitor for a $200 training program on a 50% recurring monthly basis, it means that you get paid $100 every single month.

Cost Per Action – this involves getting paid for actions taken by your leads or web visitors. It could involve filling out a form like a Credit Card Application. It is also based on commission and some certain information will be required from the lead.

There are other forms of affiliate marketing, but we won’t be discussing that today. Maybe next time.

How Do You Really Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing?

If affiliate marketing is done right, it could be the laziest way of making cool money online. First, what do you do if you want to start promoting other peoples products and services.

You start with putting up a website or blog relating to the affiliate program you are promoting. The niche should be relevant. This is very important. There are some certain circles preaching that you can run an affiliate program without the need of a website or blog; as long as you have a list.

While it is true that you can promote affiliate products and services using just a list; I have tried it, and it does work; there is more professionalism is having a website or blog. Here, you could relate with your visitors or leads on a more personal level and gain more trust and repeat purchases.

The blog or website doesn’t have to be another Amazon or eBay. It could be just a basic minimalistic blog or website, with articles, related pictures and videos. This is very important, and we are going to be dwelling on these more in other articles. Videos accelerate ranking…..and everyone needs ranking.

Also, a website or blog allows you to build an email list, aside giving you trust and credibility.

Ways of Increasing Your Affiliate Revenues

There several ways you could employ and really pimp up your affiliate income.

  • Writing quality content. If you are really serious and want to make money online from affiliate marketing, then you certainly cannot do without content. I guess this should be obvious, after all we all know that content is king…right. Actually content is not king, but quality content. The search engines value original quality content, and if you have this, they will rank you high and you will have natural targeted traffic. This means more affiliate commissions for you. Also, you could add advertising, AdSense banners and also make money.
  • Another way of boosting sales is by adding bonuses and discount to your customer’s purchases. The bonus should be relevant or complement what the visitor is about to buy. Adding bonuses is a highly effective strategy to garnering more sales.
  • Engaging in cause marketing. This involves giving a percentage of your sales for a cause. Many will purchase from your link if they know and believe that some of the money is going to charity.
  • Product comparison which involves comparing the top products in a particular niche is a sure way of making more affiliate sales.
  • Product reviews is another cool way of boosting your affiliate commissions, as you can see with this site, we do have a product review category.
  • Email marketing like creating a newsletter where you connect with your customers and build a deeper relationship with them. This will make them buy more.
  • Holding FREE webinars and trainings. This also builds up trust, connection and invariably more sales.
  • Offer freebies to your visitors, maybe some free downloads or a download section. These should not just be some rehashed freebies or outdated plr. Offering quality freebies and downloads builds credibility and trust and invariably more sales.


Design Tips For Your Affiliate Website or Blog

Here are some design tips to make your affiliate site more profitable. These tips are really important for you to make money online from affiliate marketing.

  • It should be easily navigated. Nothing complex. Some of the best websites in the world are really simple, e.g. Facebook.
  • Ensure that your content makes sense and is relevant.
  • Look out for typos, grammatical errors and spellings.
  • Keep the graphics and multimedia minimal. You should avoid flash images at all cost.
  • Keep your pages really simple.
Getting People To View Your Website

Designing a pretty website, as I mentioned earlier is not what gets you sales, but converting visitors. How do you then get people to view your websites?

  • Engage in on-page optimization by using appropriate keywords, preferably long tail keywords.
  • Avoid targeting too many keywords at a time so you are not branded a spammer.
  • Interlink various pages of your website.
  • Create a site map so your site is easily indexed.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Build quality diverse relevant backlinks.
Affiliate Platforms That You Can Work With

There are hoards of affiliate network programs that you can join and cash in to make money online from affiliate marketing as a Nigerian. The purpose of these article is not to elaborate on the advantages or disadvantages of these networks. That would be a job for another time. I just want to list some that I use for my affiliate marketing.

  • Jvzoo.com
  • Moreniche.com
  • Aliexpress.com
  • Walmart.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Cj.com
  • Markethealth.com
  • Clickbank.com
  • Offervault.com, etc.

There are many of them out there. All you need do is google it up and you will be welcomed with hoards of affiliate networks to pick from.

In conclusion, you can really make money online  from affiliate marketing if you do it right. You could create an affiliate website and start getting returns within a few days.

Again, you need to do it right!

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