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Making It Big In Nigeria – How Anyone Can Be Rich

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Making it big in Nigeria? Sound so far-reached to you…..right? Shouldn’t be.

In every man is the power to be rich.

It doesn’t really matter the environment where you find yourself.  Some people blame their present financial status on the environment that they found themselves in. They argue that had they been borne in the United States or in the United Kingdom, things would have been different. This is not true.

Nigeria is full of opportunities more than any other country in the world despite the fact that we are grouped under emerging economies. Most Nigerians dream of going abroad in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece but how well do their stories end? You could do well to ask our brothers in diaspora.

If you are expecting a step-by-step blue print or a manual on how to succeed big time in Nigeria, believe me, you are going to be disappointed. What I will share with you shortly are nuggets of truth that has changed the lives of some people, including myself, from the drench of lack to the pinnacle of abundance.

Here we go.

You must develop the millionaire mentality/mindset

How do millionaires think? Have you ever wondered about it?

They don’t just think that they can do it but believe they will do it. ABSOLUTELY! Before anyone will believe in you, you must believe in yourself. Some persons have lost hope in themselves; hence creative ideas have eluded them.

I remember back in my school days, a good friend of mine reading Electrical engineering (not real course) said that he has lost hope in the system. He didn’t believe that he would ever get a good job after graduating from the University. He was already planning how he would be a teacher teaching Mathematics to secondary school (high school) students. Not that being a teacher is a crime but we are talking about a prospective engineer taking up the teaching of elementary mathematics. Can you imagine that!

Please, teachers in the house, I have nothing against you!! In fact, without good teachers most of us wouldn’t be where we are today.

A lot of persons have such mentality buried deep in their subconscious mind, and with their own hands they design their future for mediocrity.

But, you could be the difference. You can become someone.

All you need to do is change the way you think. Begin to tell yourself that there are thousands of opportunities in Nigeria. Speak like this everyday to yourself even if you don’t believe it at first. Don’t worry; you will come to believe it.

Millionaires have the mindset of success. They believe they can do anything. If you continue to relax in negativism, negative fortune (misfortune) will catch up with you.

Generate Money Making Ideas.

The moment you believe that you can make it, start generating ideas. Actually, your subconscious mind, (the most powerful weapon in your arsenal) will start generating money making ideas.

You will notice that I’m speaking about generating ideas. Ideas are the spring board to entrepreneurship and invariably unlimited wealth. Not a paid job. A paid job will only get you so far to the level of being comfortable and not wealth beyond your wildest dreams; unless, you combine paid job with other investments. It wouldn’t take time before someone with a paid job that has other investments opt out of the dredge of monthly salary. We treat job issues on this site as a means to achieving success and because a lot of persons prefer paid jobs than playing the game of money.

In our society, much attention is being paid to getting employed in a multinational firm after graduating and serving your country. We have been schooled and taught so by our parents or guardians. Our mindset has been tuned into receiving a fat wage the moment we are through with our service year and that is after spending a minimum of four to five years pursuing a professional career. So we sweat it out academically with the future prospect of a fat wage. How absurd! This is no longer the industrial age. We are in the information age but many are still living the life of the industrial age.

There is no way that a paid worker will ever become the richest man in the world. You are below the person paying you and his board of directors. Let’s be frank. Wage earners are rarely financially free with the exception of those that have other interests.

So, in your journey to making it big in Nigeria, don’t ever think of working for someone to attaining your goal. You could work for sometime, either to raise some cash or get some experience to further your venture. However, to think of working for someone forever is suicidal to you dream of making it BIG in Nigeria.

You could generate ideas consciously, with the help of your subconscious mind of course, by taking a good look at your locale. What product or idea can you offer that will solve a major need or problem/challenge that the people are having. You could go further by generating an idea that would solve the need of not just your locale but the nation at large. You could even go international. However, it is always good to start with your locale. It will build more trust and faith in your product or idea.

Meet With Like-Minded People For Help

Now, you have a hot idea/product that would rake in millions. This idea/product could turn your life around for good. However, there is a ‘BUT’. You don’t happen to have the finances. Most Apprentice Millionaires have found themselves in these same shoes but they still succeeded. I have found myself in such situations several times and I always scale through.

You have to be observant of people you discuss your ideas with. Some will smoother and kill your dreams. Avoid such people. The truth is you cannot go very far without leverage. Leverage in the form of other people’s money (OPP); other people’s property (OPP); and other people’s times (OPT). These three factors are indispensable to your successful execution of the idea/product.

A lot has been said about OPM, OPP, and OPT. So much has been said that it has become misunderstood. Before using OPM, you have to be certain about the success of your idea/product. You are certain of success if such an idea or product is within the domain of your control. It shouldn’t be risky. Business is not risky as you have been led to believe. It is actually a game that you master, and play to win. Just like chess masters on a board.

As your idea enters this stage, the money and the environment needed for the business and time will show itself. Believe me. I have been there. All you need do is hold on tenacious.

Don’t Ever Think Of Giving Up

As an Apprentice Millionaire, You will face hurdles that seem insurmountable, especially in Nigeria, but think of the crown at the end of the race. The crown represents unlimited wealth beyond your dreams; the opportunity to live the life.

Challenges are meant to make you strong. It’s like passing gold through fire. It only makes it become purer and better. So, never, never give up! As long as you know you are on the right track, you will definitely succeed.

Package Your Product And Yourself

Packaging is very important. For your product/idea to be accepted it has to be unique from what is already in existence. If it’s no better than what is already obtainable, people will see no reason to patronize you. As for packaging yourself, you have to exude confidence in your idea and in yourself. No-one likes working with a timid fellow.

Market The Idea And Succeed

As you finally release the idea, you need to sell it. The best way to sell is not just through media adverts but personal contacts. Have rugged individuals to market your products/ideas and pay them handsomely. With this, you will be able to win their loyalty and they will work with passion.

You see, you can actually make it in Nigeria. It all depends on you. It doesn’t matter the niche market you eventually choose, opportunities abound in this country.

Welcome to the club of millionaires.

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