Making money online from domain flipping or what is known as virtual real estate is so rewarding that am excited writing this article. I got to know about domain flipping a couple of years back but didn’t really take it serious until the era of PBNs and themed networks when I saw the open opportunities therein and then got to really making money from this income stream.

This method of making money online brings fast result and is kind of easy that I wonder why many folks are not into it. Domain flipping or virtual real estate is the real deal, and you could make a steady income daily if you know how to go about it. There are many folks secretly making a killing from this business.

I know there are loads of articles online on how to go about domain flipping or what is known as virtual real estate. That’s cool. However, what I will share in this article is how I go about mine and how some persons I know go about theirs and actually make money from it.

Believe me, if you stick to what am about to share, there is no way you won’t be making money online from it. In fact, there are people making a living just from this business.

Let’s get started already as am so excited!

Virtual Real Estate – Domain Flipping Business

Virtual real estate is the selling of domain names and website properties; in simple terms. Just like in the real world where people buy properties and sell, so also it is with this online venture. The only difference is that while in the real world, only big dogs often play the field, anyone with basic skills can make some income with virtual real estate.

Also, with the real estate business, you deal with physical properties; something you can see and touch. Not so with virtual real estate, but they are similar in concept.

This online business model is for real; and many folks are easily making four figures monthly doing just this.

I intend to show you how.

Domain Flipping – Types of Virtual Real Estate

As I said earlier, virtual real estate involves the buying and selling of domain names and web properties. By web properties, I mean websites. This is often called domain flipping.

The selling of domain names entails selling either new unique domain names, or aged domain names. When I started with this business model, it entailed registering new domain names and then selling in places like

It was kind of really difficult back then as making sales was really hard; at least for me.

Not so anymore!

Now, you could pick domain names and easily sell for $50 to $100 a pop; depending on the authority of the domain. The good thing is that you could sell this domain names within 24 hours if you do pick good ones with fantastic metrics . Now imagine a scenario where you get to register 10 – 20 of these domain names.

This could easily land you more than $1000 profit in less than 7 days.

Now tell me if this aint cool!!

But that is just the first part of virtual real estate.

The second part entails building up this domains you bought into real properties. This entails building a website, putting up articles, driving traffic to it and building links. Now, if you do it well, and really build up the authority of such a web property, you could sell that same site for between $1000 – $5000; depending on the authority of the site.

This is insane you must agree.

Frankly, this business model is hot. If you happen to be a web designer; and you are good with picking aged domain names; domain names with good metrics; and you have some little funds to invest, then you are in for some rollercoaster loads of cash.

Now I guess you are interested. But, how the hell do you get started with this business?

Let’s roll love!

How To Get Into Domain Flipping Business


For those interested in this business, I wouldn’t advise buying new domain names, but rather expired aged domains. These sell faster from my experience. But how can you buy these domains and where do you buy them.

There are various places you could buy them, like Godaddy auctions and many tools you could use to fish out old aged domains, but for this article I will be dwelling on a tool that you can use without making any initial investment.

Using premium tools saves time as well as buying from middlemen. You should do this if you have the funds. However, I won’t be reviewing or showing any premium tool here as most persons starting online wouldn’t want to spend money or don’t have the funds to spend.

Here is a free website you can use to pick some old domain names.

This site will provide you with countless numbers of domains to pick from, all with different metrics. There is a filter available that you can use to pick good domains here. It will become much easier as you use this tool.

I will be writing more on in a later article. This tool has loads of features that can’t just be covered here.

After picking some domain names and checking them out for spam and other metrics using tools or, you pay for them using your favourite domain name seller.

You can now decide to sell these domain names at

A couple of days back, I discovered a marketplace where you can easily sell tens of domain names for persons building themed and private blog networks daily. You won’t go wrong with this site as loads of testimonies are flowing in already.

I have to admit that I have personally not tried them out, but the person behind the network is well-known in the SEO world and solid.

Alex Becker.

Selling domain names; aged domain names with good metrics that can be used for PBNs and themed blog networks is really hot right now and you can make good income from just this alone.

Taking Things To The Next Level

If you are a website designer or you have the funds to put up websites using the aged domain names you got from or any other reliable source, you could really step up things.

What you do is build a site using the aged domains. It should be themed around what the aged domain was previously built on, and if possible similar in looks to what it was initially before you bought it. You can check this out using wayback machine at

After building the site, put up quality articles and monetize this site. If you don’t want to do that; that’s building up articles in the site and monetizing, you could just sell it off immediately.

It all seems easy the way am saying it here….right?

Well, that’s because it is. Making money online doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated. You will need to have that positive mind-set for you to be successful in this business, and don’t expect things to kick off fast. It might take some time, or it might happen immediately.

But, I give you this guarantee. You will succeed if you persist and just keep on doing the right thing. If you stick to it; put the effort, the time; and never give up, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

To sell the websites, you will need to go to, get an account opened and list. Aside flippa, you could also use Empire Flippers.

It’s free to register with the above flipping websites. Just make sure you get a feel of them and read up their tutorials before delving in deep. How to go about using flippa will be dealt with in a future article though I might add a downloadable PDF to this article that you can read up or a video.

I hope this article has been of help. If it has, please do leave a comment and share your experiences too regards to using this business model.

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. This is really a wonderful way of making money online that so many people have not tapped into. I made some research and found out that and sold for millions of US dollars. Nigerians should tap into this. Thanks for the insight

    1. You are right Steve. Many Nigerians are still yet to tap into this income source;and it does require very little investment to kickstart.

  2. Thank you so much Mr Daniel for this mind exposing excerpt and eye opener. You are indeed a wonder person. I want to use this medium to say thank you a million for teaching us on Saturday 21 October 2017 at AAUA in ondo state.
    God bless you richly

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