The internet is full of many ways of making money online. One of such ways that’s so easy and yet a lot of persons are not aware of it is the posting of free videos on YouTube. This method of making money online is really so easy that it seems unreal; but it’s so damn real. It does not involve the high risk and skills required in Forex trading or fixed odds; neither does it require the skills involved in doing some good copies.


All it takes is a little bit of hard work and some passion, and then you can really see the income comes flowing in. Perhaps, because of the easy nature of this form of making money online, you can never use it to make millions or become a millionaire. However, you could make a couple of hundred dollars monthly.

At the mention of videos, some persons must have started losing interest because they don’t know a hoot on how to create videos. Not to worry; you don’t have to create or make any videos.

You don’t even need a camera!

That’s the beauty of it all. All you need for this technique is a domain name and that should cost you about $10. No hosting is required whatsoever. Sounds cool….right!

Let’s get started.

Guide To Making Money Online From YouTube

  • Pick a video from

Just as I said earlier on, you don’t need a camera to do this. Just go to; pick a popular video without copyright and without a company’s URL on it.

  • Download the video you picked

A lot of people are not aware that YouTube videos can be downloaded. All you need do is go to and enter the URL of the video you want to download. It will download and convert it to AVI format. You could also use a free download manager, then convert to AVI after download completion. Freemake video downloader can do this for you. Just google it up.

  • Select a product to promote

Now, go and look for an affiliate product to promote that ties in well with your video. It could b from any niche. Assuming you have a Peter Bain’s video, you can promote products on forex trading. All you need do is go to clickbank and get yourself a good product. Try and go for a really hot product. It mustn’t be clickbank though. You can use any reliable affiliate platform like jvzoo, warriorforum, etc.

  • Register a domain name related to the product

Register a domain name similar to the website you are promoting and redirect to your merchant website. If the product you are promoting is in the website say, you could register yours as I hope you get the idea.

  • Edit your video

Almost all computers these days come with a Windows Movie Maker in them. Power it up and add your URL at the beginning and end of the video. If you have any of the Premium video editors and you know how to use it very well, then this makes things even better. This is not a must anyway. Windows Video Maker will do just fine.

  • Upload your video to YouTube

YouTube accounts are free. Open one for yourself and follow the instructions on how to upload. It’s quite straight forward. Upload the new video say about five different times. You will need a Gmail account to operate YouTube. If you don’t have one, it’s about time you get one. It’s FREE.

  • Repeat the process all over again

Repeat this process every single day. Three new videos every day posted five times will give you about 450 videos a month.

This is insane!

Just imagine the impact of your videos with your URL floating all over the cyberspace. Definitely, you are going to have a lot of traffic directed to your merchant site and that means sales and commissions for you.

This is perhaps the easiest way of making money online and it really does work.

Give it a trial; and don’t forget to leave a comment behind in the comment section. I really want to know how it all went with you.


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