How To Set Up a Mobile Hair Barbing Salon

Setting up a mobile hair barbing salon is one of the cheapest, easiest and lucrative ventures to start anytime anywhere in Nigeria or in the world at that. It is a humble business venture that can be set up by both the young and old or the educated and uneducated as long as you can cut a hair very well; especially the latest styles.

I won’t be dwelling on how to set up a salon or move-about-hair cut but a professional mobile hair barbing salon service. What do I mean by this? Simple! You visit clients in the homes and have their hair cut while they pay you for services rendered. The difference between the normal salon and this is that why clients visit hair salons to have their hair cut, you take the services to them in their homes. With this, they don’t have to queue up or miss any of their favorite TV shows while they have their hair done. They can still be in their homes and have their hair done while watching their TV shows!

mobile hair barbing salon business

The opportunities obtainable in this venture are endless and I will show you how to make the best of it.

In most cities and towns in Nigeria, having your hair cut costs nothing less than N200 in any salon and most people cut their hair at least twice a month. The business is lucrative and no wonder many young able-bodied men are now into this venture. However, the mobile hair barbing salon is not yet common and is a green market as its more professional and profit oriented. Aside these two points, it also cost less to start up. With just N15, 000 you could start this business and make more than a million naira every year.

Equipment and Facilities Needed For Setting Up a Mobile Hair Barbing Salon

You are going to need the following to start up a professional mobile hair barbing salon. You have to appear smart and professional; and not some hungry individual that clients will be scared to welcome into their homes. Your dressing and language should command respect and trust.

  • 1 Clipper (Preferably super taper) should cost N8, 000
  • Hair brush ( N200)
  • Hair combs (N200)
  • Powder (N200)
  • Spirits (N500)
  • Hair cream (N300)
  • Complimentary card (N2, 000)
  • Other hair maintenance products (N3, 500)

The total expenses would be N14, 400.

Anyone could start mobile hair barbing salon business anytime and any day and before I close up this section I will reveal tips and tricks to making the best of this business. Just stay tuned.

Expected Profit From The Business

20 customers daily at N200 per hair cut = N4, 000

N4, 000 × 26 working days (that’s 1 month) = N104, 000

For 1 year, the expected profit would be N104, 000 × 12 months = N1, 248, 000

Expected expenses from making calls and transportation could be N50, 000

Therefore, real profit would be Expected profit – expected expenses

= N1, 248, 000 – N50, 000 = N1, 1987, 000

Did I hear you shout WOW! As you can see, this is a good business idea and well worth pursuing. Some bankers don’t even earn that much annually. Below I have shown you tips and tricks that could get you more clients than you would ever need and at prices far above the N200 per hair cut we used above.

Tips and Tricks To Garner More Clients From Mobile Hair Barbing Salon

Getting clients as a mobile hair barber is as easy as it goes if you know what to do. The tips below are sure to put you on the right track to getting more than enough clients for this business.

  • Dress well

Since you are going to be meeting people in their homes, it is important that you be well dressed. They we accord you the due respect as you will not appear hungry. Again, since you are looking good, if you do happen to charge more than the regular hair cutting price for your services, it will be ignored since it is home service.

  • Get a complimentary card

A complimentary card will set you aside from the crowd and give you a professional look; and this is what you need. Being a professional, you will discover that the affluent in the community will be calling on you to have their hair done for them. They would brag about it to their colleagues to show they are different from the crowd. In the process, you make your money. Also, a card makes you number easily accessible.

  • Do your marketing

There is no harm with some little marketing. Advertising yourself using hand bills and going into homes to inform them of what you do are good marketing strategies. Believe me when I say that people are tired of queuing up in salons. They would rather pay some extra charges and have their hair done for them in their homes than in barbing salons.

  • Know your job well

This will sell you more than any other strategy. You should be a good stylist. If as at the time of reading this write up you don’t know how to cut a hair well but you are interested in the business, and then go learn in a good salon or from a good barber. The money you would spend in learning the trade is well worth it.

  • Give bonus every once in a while

Everyone loves a free gift and do use it to your advantage. The bonus could be in the form of a free hair cut or a cup to deserving and seasoned clients; especially during festive periods. This will glue your bonds and make them love you more.

  • Send felicitations

Just as bonuses are good, so is sending season’s greetings or felicitations. Always send end of month greetings and messages to them; if possible with customized SMS. This will solidify your relationships and also give you a professional look.

In conclusion, you could always charge more in wealthy environments when it comes to Mobile Hair Barbing Salon

. The wealthy won’t have any qualms paying for home services if you can win their trust and you are good with what you do. There are haircuts that go for as much as N1, 000 and if you have 10 wealthy individuals as your clients, then your business is on the go.

Also, to make things easier for you, with time you could schedule a fixed time you can come by and have their hair cut and they will be making monthly payments to you.

I wish you the best in your venture.

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