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Ostrich Farming Business In Nigeria – How To Start Up

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Ostrich farming business in Nigeria is not very common but it is perhaps the most lucrative and easiest to maintain type of bird farming anywhere in the world. The ostrich is the largest of all birds and the most expensive in the world.

Unlike most birds, the ostrich cannot fly because of its heavy weight and size. However, despite its size and weight, the ostrich is one of the fastest running birds in the world. It can run 80km in 30 minutes. Astounding, you might say. Just imagining pissing off such a bird and trying to outrun it! The ostrich can drink 5 litres of water at once; and I believe because of its size.

Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider Ostrich Farming Business In Nigeria

  • An ostrich is immune to diseases unlike other animals. This will save you the worries often associated with farming other birds
  • Everything about an ostrich is marketable. The feathers of the ostrich can be sold in Europe and America for decoration purposes; the faeces find its use as fertilizers by farmers while the egg which is as big as a football costs between $80 and $100 in Europe.
  • Ostriches; just like dogs; can recognize their owners so stealing a mature ostrich is almost impossible as it could attack unfamiliar faces.
  • An ostrich can lay up to 60 eggs in a year; though they cannot start laying eggs until they are about 18 months old. The eggs hatch in 42 days and they can run almost immediately.
  • The ostrich reaches maturity in 8 months. They can live up to 30 yrs and above.
  • Feeding an ostrich is not expensive as they feed on grasses, lizards, leaves and other smaller animals.
  • Ostriches are very expensive. A 3 months old bird costs $400 (N60, 000) in Europe  while 1 yr old is sold at $1, 000 (N150, 000) internationally.
  • The shell of the ostrich egg is put into many uses as decorations and medicinal purposes.

Frankly, ostrich farming is a lucrative venture, and though not popular in Nigeria, those into it are reaping huge profits.

Requirements When Starting an Ostrich Farming Business In Nigeria

You will need a plot of land if you intending starting an ostrich farm as well as 1 male and two female ostriches. These two females can lay more than 100 eggs in just 1 year.

  • A plot of land in a rural area for about N400, 000
  • Fencing of land for about N400, 000
  • 3 months old ostriches ( 1 male and 2 females) for about N180, 000
  • Feeding the ostriches will cost about N160, 000
  • A borehole will cost about N160, 000
  • Miscellaneous = N90, 000

The above will total N1, 590, 000 (N1.59 million)

Estimated Income From The Ostrich Farming Business In Nigeria

  • Selling price (locally) of 1 yr old ostriches at N70, 000 per bird = N7 million
  • Feeding of the birds for 1 yr = N160, 000
  • Estimated salaries of 2 workers at the farm for 1 yr = N720, 000
  • Other expenses = N120, 000

Yearly profit = selling price (N7m) – total expenses (N160, 000 + N720, 000 + N120, 00)

= N7m – N1m = N6m

As seen above, one can make N6m or more in just 1 yr from an ostrich farm.

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