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Outsourcing Jobs – 10 Most Common Online Jobs That Can Be Outsourced

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Outsourcing jobs has transformed the way businesses are being done online; thus levelling the market playing ground and making it an environment where the lowest bidder wins the day, and where anyone can pick a job he is totally ignorant of and still make a livelihood out of it.

But, you may ask; why has outsourcing jobs become so popular in recent times? Well, the reasons are not far-fetched.

  • It can be totally automated.
  • It does not require any form of physical proximity or person-specific skills.
  • Considerably cheaper to produce somewhere else.

The above noted, you should know though that there are some jobs that’s stands the chance of being outsourced far more than others.

In this write up, we will be looking at those jobs that are more easily outsourced; ten of the most popular ones anywhere in the World Wide Web.

That having been noted, you should know that there are some jobs that stands the chance of being outsourced more than any other.

In this article, we will examine 10 of the most popularly outsourced jobs anywhere in the World Wide Web.

10 Most Common Outsourcing Jobs

Programming and IT Jobs

With the rise of outsourcing services in developing countries, The Bureau of Labour said that Computer Programming and IT jobs stand as the number one in the list of jobs that is most likely to be outsourced to Software Developers in places like Indian, Nigeria and Pakistan where they are ready to accept one tenth of the fee compared to the rival developers in the United States.

Writing Jobs

In developed nations like the United States and United Kingdom, there have been reported gross decline in revenues generated by newspapers as more and more people now frequent the internet to get their information.

This is a serious drag on the income generated by these firm, giving them no other option than to go online and outsource their articles at a fraction of the price from eager and willing freelancers than keeping a monthly paid staff.

Personal Assistants

This is another job role that is being outsourced online massively. Many start-ups and even top Mega firms that don’t want to employ the services of a permanent personal assistant not go online to get cheap highly affordable Pas in developing nations that are willing to work for a piecemeal price.

They are popularly known as virtual assistants.

With this trend, these start-ups and Mega firms don’t need to bother themselves with answering phone calls, replying emails and other similar tasks. These are all taken care of by the virtual personal assistant at a cheaper rate compared to having to employ one locally.

Phone Support

This is also one of the most common outsourcing jobs that is being outsourced online. American firms and other firms from more advanced countries have their calls forwarded to countries in Asia and Africa where they are answered by locals at a cheaper rate. The drawback however is the probable accent.

Medical Transcription

While Medical jobs like Surgery and Dentistry can’t be outsourced, medical processes like medical transcription can be outsourced to residents of countries where English is their core or first language, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Medical transcription jobs relates to recordings and facts that Doctors give during operations and check-ups on patients. Though this is supposed to be private, they are often outsourced.

Drafting Jobs

This entails drawing up plans and designs of projects that will be handled by engineers, scientists and architects. In technologically advanced nations like the US, this could come quite expensive so this job is often outsourced to experienced Drafters online; mostly in developing countries where the work is often done at the fraction of the price.

Tax Preparation

This involves an organisation getting all its financial engagements prepared. This is another one of those outsourcing jobs that is becoming increasingly popular. Firms confidently outsource its tax preparations since all that is needed is the background information of the client’s financial standings.

Research Work and Development

Mega Corporations and multinational firms like Microsoft, Dell and Apple are always improving their products through constant research. To do this in the US is often capital intensive, so they outsource to educated skilled professionals in emerging markets like Indian without digging a hole in their pockets.

The good thing about this is that physical presence is often not needed.

Business Process Outsourcing

Another massively outsourced job, this involves processes like the filling up of health care paper works, accounting transactions, etc. they are easily outsourced online since not much bureaucracy is involved and the most popular destination for these outsourcing jobs used to be Indian but the Philippines and China are fast catching up.

Web Design Jobs

Website design jobs, themes and other activities that bother on web development that could run into some thousands of dollars when handled by experts in developed nations are often outsourced to equally skilled experts in developing or less developed nations like Pakistan, Indian and Nigeria at a fraction of the cost.

In summary, outsourcing jobs is a lucrative venture; for both parties. The outsourcer gets the benefit of paying less while the party handling the job get the benefit of getting paid in foreign currency.

There has been an increase too in platforms offering outsourcing services as well as sellers who are willing to do many jobs for a meagre fee. That is why platforms like Fiverr, UpWorks and freelancer are gaining even more popularity these days.

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