Is online business for everyone?

Can anyone make money online?

These are tricky questions…and I get to be asked these questions every now and then in my workshops and trainings.

In addition to the above questions, some even get bolder and ask me, have you succeeded in making ALL your family members millionaires from online business?

Trust Nigerians to be the Doubting Thomas and this is one of the reasons why we will be dwelling a bit on why many Nigerians can never make anything from online businesses.

I will try to answer these questions once and for all; but before I do that…lets answer the following questions together.

  • Can everyone ever become like Bill Gates? Why has Bill Gates not made all his relations and family members’ millionaires?
  • Can anyone be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg? Why is it that all of Mark Zuckerberg’s friends are not billionaires?
  • Before we answer the questions above, let me ask you the following additional questions.
  • Do you know who Mathew Osawaru is?

I guess you don’t….because I myself don’t know who he is?

But, do you know who Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are?

I bet you do!

If you don’t know who they are, then you must have been living in a cave in the past 10 years!!

Anyone can make money online and anyone can become the next Bill Gates. But you have got to pay the price.

Not everyone can be a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg because not everyone can pay the price. That’s why you see that not all their family members and friends are billionaires.

The price is often stiff and hefty.

In the same vein, not everyone can make money online BUT anyone can make money online. I hope you get the answer.

Also, I can’t make all my family members millionaires online because they have got their choices to make.

There is always a price tag involved with all of these internet stuffs…and not everyone can foot the bill. Many persons are scared stiff with venturing into the unknown and thus go for more secure means like a white collar job while persons like us get thrilled just to take risks….calculated risks….and fear white collar jobs, no matter what the firm might be offering.

I hope I have answered the questions of my friends and haters as well.

And please, don’t go make my family members hate me for not making them millionaires from online business.

We all got our destiny in our hands from our choices.

That said and I guess noted, why then is it that many folks that desire to make money online aren’t making shit.

Why are you not making money online?

In fact, I think this is the most important area of the book. Get this right and polish up your mentality and start thinking right, and you are already on the way to becoming the next online millionaire.

Here we go with some reasons.

  • Get Rich Quick Syndrome
  • Lack of a good mentor
  • The Nigerian factor…….people don’t trust Nigerians,
  • Unfavourable environment……Network wahala, PHCN, Mosquitoes, etc.
  • Unbelief and fear
  • Shiny objects syndrome
  • Lack of start-up means
  • Too much pleasure seeking…, flexing, etc.
  • Procrastination

The above are just some of the reasons why many don’t and EVER won’t succeed with their online ventures and why you may not succeed too.

Trust me when I say this now. Until you overcome all of the above, you aren’t going anywhere bro. I can tell you this from personal experiences.

If you can overcome all of the above, then perhaps the money-making session itself would be one breeze of a ride because you would have gotten ALL the basics you need to succeed.

This section matters a whole lot and you should take it seriously.

You have been forewarned!


The Get Rich Quick Syndrome

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days.

  • In a hurry to get married.
  • In a hurry to graduate and get a second degree.
  • In a hurry to grow up.
  • Even in a hurry to die….with all them junks and processed foods we are being feed these days.

Also, the most common amongst Nigerians is being in a hurry to get rich quick and fast, without doing any work.

It has become so common and has given rise to yahoo guys and yahoo plus guys, ritualists and drug dealers, and other evil genres that are just too mind boggling to mention here.

It’s the jet age, and everyone seems in a hurry….and this has greatly resulted to why many are not making money online.

Because many want to get rich without working hard, they easily fall victim to the next shiny object that appears. Ponzi schemes like MMM which was outright fraud became like a godsent to many Nigerians; a venture with evidently no future in it. When it crashed, many lives were left ruined and some persons even committed suicide.

That’s what you get when you want to get rich quick without working hard.


Lack of a Good Mentor

This is yet another reason why many unwary folks are still not making a dime online.

They fall victim to so-called gurus who have never made money online but parade themselves as experts.

There are so many of them here in Nigeria and outside the country. These gurus posts snapshots of earned incomes; often the handwork of photoshop ; while they sell expensive coaching programs and trainings.

Now tell me, can the blind lead the blind?

Of course not!

As long as these so-called gurus TRAIN you, you are going to most likely end up like them.

Right now, you are fortunate because you are in good hands. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk it too.

I live and breathe online business. It’s what I use to earn my bread and butter and the source of income used to promote my offline ventures.


The Nigerian Factor

Some unscrupulous Nigerians have given the Nigerian internet business persons a bad name, so much that when many foreign folks see a Nigerian IP or anyone from Nigeria, their antenna starts signalling SCAM.

Most people don’t trust Nigerians online!

This has prevented many well-meaning Nigerians from making money online; and it did affect me when I was starting off online as many websites where I could have made some income rejected me….just because I am from Nigeria.

Well, to be frank, with the evils many Nigerians are perpetrating online, there is enough reason for foreigners to be scared in their dealings with Nigerians.

This has greatly hampered online businesses in Nigeria and is responsible for why some persons aren’t making headways online.

This book takes care of this issue smoothly.


Unfavourable Environment

If there is another factor that’s affects online business, it’s the environment where you live in. Just being in Nigerian alone is a disadvantage for many Onlinepreneurs.

There is often power failure.

Internet bundle plan for browsing is as expensive as ever.

You can never fully rely on network connectivity; whether glo, mtn, airtel, Etisalat (now 9mobile) and a host of others around here.


Unbelief and Fears

Fear is a killer and has brought many giants down. Oftentimes, unbelief and fear are close partners and when they are present in your life, you aren’t going nowhere, especially with an online business venture.

Many have the belief that anything that has to do with online business has got to be fraud. Yahoo yahoo guys and yahoo plus guys have made this belief even more ferocious.

This is most oftentimes not the case.

There are people into legitimate online businesses like my humble self.

Also, many don’t believe that any fruitful thing can come out from an online business. If this is your case, then accept my sympathy.

You will need to conquer unbelief and fears to ever make headway online.


Shiny Objects Syndrome

If there is anything that could prevent anyone from making money online, it’s the shiny object syndrome. This is when someone chases after the next money-making scheme that is being promoted without really concentrating on any of the online business in particular.

I have been guilty of this, and there is nothing that can kill your online dreams than being stomped by so many money-making methods.

In the end, you get really confused.

The only way to overcome this is to decide never to buy any latest service or program that is being promoted or that’s said to be trending if it doesn’t add value to what you are already doing.

Concentrate on what you are doing already.

This could even mean having to unsubscribe from some marketers list.


Lack of Start-Up Means

There are some tools needed if one really wants to succeed with online businesses; some ranging from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars.

For someone just starting out, this may not come that easily as the funds are not readily accessible.

It’s true that you could start an online business without investing a dime.

Very true.

But, for faster quicker returns and bigger ventures with all the perks, you sure do need to invest.


Too Much Pleasure Seeking

Pleasure seeking is not bad in itself, but too much of it is bad karma; especially for those into online businesses or seeking a fortune online.

Pleasure seeking like voracious sex, watching endless hours of your favourite seasonal like Smallville, playing video games and a host of other pleasures is a sure time killer.

Imagine a scenario where you just learnt an online business that is sure to put some cool cash into your bank account. You are ready to start devouring the business, when you hear a soft knock on your door.

You open it only to discover it’s a lady you have been toasting for the past two years ……looking sweet and staring at you sensually.

You lost all your senses and two personalities start speaking to your mind at the same time.

The first is the good voice that wants you to succeed telling you to send the lady away and concentrate on your online business.

The second is the one that wants you to remain in your present state of lack telling you not to waste the opportunity and eat the lady up.

Sure enough, your dark side takes over and you invite her in and have a fun weekend….even till the week days.

This is when you should know that the witches in your village have plans for you!!

It’s not a funny matter bro!

Pleasure seeking…too much of it….is a killer.



There is a saying that time waits for no man.

This is so true, but few tend to realize this.

Procrastination is so pervasive that thousands of books on the subject of procrastination have sold millions of copies. I have been guilty of this and so many are guilty of it.

Procrastination won’t just kill your online dreams but destroy your destiny as well.

The best way to kill procrastination aka delay of taking action is to act immediately especially when you learn some new online nuggets that’s sure to bring you money.

Well, there you have it.

The above are the main reasons why many Nigerian folks are not making money online. Kill the above and master them, and you are already on the path to raking in millions online.


A Word of Advice Before You Start Devouring This Book

I will not dig into the main meat of this book without giving you a word of advice first.

This is especially for those that believe that they know it all; and stick to their hardened dogmas.

My advice will come in the form of this short story I read in a motivational book:

A well-learned professor who was seeking for more knowledge once journeyed hundreds of miles to meet with a hermit monk living deep in a cave. When he did finally had audience with the monk, he tried impressing the monk with his personal knowledge talking on and on non-stop.

The monk just listened to him talk.

After a while, the monk asked him to get a cup. He did and the monk filled the cup with water. The cup got filled but the monk just kept on pouring more water. The professor then screamed out “the cup is full already!” surprised that a monk believed to be among the wisest men in the world could be that ignorant and clumsy.

The monk then stopped and looked at him smiling, then spoke direct to the professor.

“You are like this cup, full of your own ideas and opinions…spilling all over the place. If you want to learn anything new, you have to empty yourself”.

The professor nodded at the wisdom of the hermit monk for he knew whom he was referring to and that the monk was right.

If you want to get the best from this book, you must forget all you think you know about internet business and online income. That’s the junks already affecting your psyche, especially if you are just starting out, and if you aren’t making anything online even though you have been in the business for decades.

You could change your destiny for good by not just laying your hands on this book but actually practicing the thoughts in this book; or you could decide to be like the myriads of Nigerians just drifting around satisfied with the monthly pay they are getting.

Your destiny is right in your hands. There is nothing like good luck. You might have had a President in Nigeria called Goodluck but you create luck for yourself.

When you make it finally, through what I will share in this book, you would have made me really proud.

I need nothing more from you than the joy of knowing that you succeeded through what I will share in this book.

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