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Power Cuts: An Indispensable Tool For The Prospective Millionaire

by Ogbeifun Daniel

A millionaire is made and not borne. Anyone can be rich or be a millionaire.

In everyone lies that innate desire for fulfillment; fulfillment in finances, relationships and in our spiritual endeavors. It doesn’t matter our gender, social status, or race.

These innate cravings dwell in each and every one of us. But paramount to all these desires and cravings is the desire to be financially fulfilled; the desire to be wealthy, to be able to live the life. The truth is that we all want to be rich.

Everything we do in this life centers on our being comfortable and rich. Our going to school and picking a career path, getting employed, saving and investing our money in any venture-whether the venture turns out to be a success or not, we all crave to be rich and live the good life.

The sad story is that more than eighty percent (80%) of those with dreams of being rich never get to achieve it. It’s not that the potentials are not there; it’s not that they couldn’t have achieved such dreams but there were a lot of subliminal distractions drawing their money power energy. Such distractions and energy drains come in forms that are hardly noticeable or easily discarded that the prospective millionaire never gets to know until it’s too late or almost too late.

For you to ever succeed in this life; for you to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams; for you to be financially free you need to cut off all those money power energy drains. This is what power cuts is all about.

The apprentice or prospective Millionaire ought to be good in using power cuts early in his/her sojourn to becoming rich. In the course of this write up, I will disclose to you areas that you ought to inculcate power cuts in other to be successful. You will be truly shocked.

The People You Know And Love

Yes! The people you know and cherish; your closet pals and relations could unconsciously or consciously be drawing you back from becoming a millionaire (and I am not talking about voodoo here). The truth is that they might not really know but not knowing is not preventing them from destroying your future. I am going to cite two examples to drive home my point.

Sylv and Julie (not real names) have been dating for 2 years right from the moment they got into college (UNIPORT). Sylv, a Mechanical Engineering student is very bright and intelligent, the best student in his high school but from a very poor background. Julie, on the other hand is a very beautiful lady from a wealthy home and who has been grossly over-pampered and a student of Computer Science (from same institution).

Both of them were very much in “love”. Julie being very beautiful had a lot of admirers coming after her with gifts and promises. Sylv had to compete to sustain and keep Julie’s love. The only daughter of a millionaire, she was always making me demand after the other from Sylv. Sylv used his tuition fees and had to do a lot of menial jobs to sustain her “love” yet she was still cheating on him. His grades dropped and he had a lot of carry-over courses in his department of study. In his third year, his grade got so bad that his academic adviser called him and reasoned with him. That little chat opened his eyes to reality and the love spell melted.

He immediately cut off Julie and he was able to graduate with a second class lower honors. Today he is working with one of the biggest oil firms in the country and an active investor in real estate and stocks and a multi-millionaire. This would never have happened had he not cut off Julie from his life. Julie was his energy drain to achieving greatness. Perhaps, he would have ended a drop-out and been less than a mediocre in the annals of history.

A lot of people have similar stories. Some where able to cut-off on time and redeem themselves while others weren’t that wise or informed enough.

If you want to be a millionaire, you cannot do without power cuts. You must cut off anything or anyone that would impede your journey to becoming wealthy.

The second story relates to someone I know very well; a good friend of mine. He is a very good student; one of the best in his department during our college days. There was this guy who grew attached to him because of his intelligence and the little money he could throw around. This guy introduced him into all sorts of habits like smoking cigarettes and indian hemp and even tried introducing him into a cult. All this activities clouded his vision and affected his grades. It was almost too late before he cut him (the guy) off his life after the guy raped his fiancée. And things changed for him.

Right now, he’s the MD / CEO of his own firm and an active investor in stocks, real estate and in the oil and gas.

You will notice that these young men had to use power cuts in the early stages of their youthful life. Most inhibitors of wealth plague youths and rarely elderly men. By the time you turn 40-50 years, you should have seen enough of life to be successful if you choose to.

Remember the slogan that a fool at forty is a fool for ever. There is some sense in the statement though I don’t totally agree with it.

The apprentice millionaire must master power cuts if he intends to be successful in life. You must learn to cut-off anything and anyone from your life that is bent on ruining your chances of being wealthy even if the person is your blood relation. Power cuts shouldn’t just stop after you have attained success. You continue to utilize it all through your life, especially in business.

Just yesterday, before putting up this write up, I learnt how the late US steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie made use of power cuts in his business even after he attained wealth.

Andrew Carnegie surrounded himself with a 50-man board that he relied upon for advice. Every once in a while, Andrew Carnegie changed these men and made replacements. Anytime he discovered that such persons where draining his money power energy, he cut them off without hesitation. In a matter of years, he had succeeded in replacing every member of the 50-man board with new ones. That is how you make use of power cuts. You don’t condone sentiments. Sentiments will cloud your vision and responses.

Bad Habits And Tendencies 
Another area that the apprentice millionaire needs to apply power cut is in his habits and natural inclinations. The major killer habits are;

  1. Procrastination
  2. Sleep
  3. Worrying
  4. Extravagance


The bane of people living in the information age is to postpone for later what could be done right now.  Procrastination has ruined so may lives and made opportunities to elude many an individual. There are so many things I would love to say as regard procrastination but time  would not permit me.

Nobody really has an excuse for procrastinating or killing time. Some give the excuse of money, lack of education or a poor background for not doing what they ought to do right now. It is not enough excuse. There is nothing like killing time in this world.

An undergraduate in Harvard school of business was lying down on the grass by the campus when a professor approached him and asked what he was doing, “Oh, just killing time”, replied the student. “I think you are wrong”, said the professor, “time is killing you!”

Time is so important that you don’t have to waste it. You have to cut out procrastination from your life. Do it now; write that book now, do that assignment now, generate that idea now. Be the Now person.

There is this poem by Harvey Scoth and I love it so much. I want you to learn it.

I saw the old thief, Father Time,
Come hirpling down the road;
He had a sack upon his back,
Lost minutes were his load.
He opened and showed to me
Not minutes, but a host
Of years, decades, a century
Or more of minutes lost.
“I want to buy a year”, I said
“And I shall pay you well.”
“If this earth’s mould were finest gold,
To you I would not sell,
For I have minutes stolen from kings,
From Milton, Shakespeare, Bach
How could you buy such precious things,
Your common gold is trash.”
He tied his sack and said, “Farewell,
Young man, I’ve got my fee.”
For while I tried to make him sell,
He stole an hour from me!

Get into action now! Stop lazing around. Do something.


Another thing to cut out is over indulgence in sleep. Sleep is one thing that destroys the life of the Apprentice Millionaire and he must learn to control it. Do you know that if you sleep 6 hours every day, in four days you would have slept for a whole full day! By the time you are forty years you would have spent ten good years just sleeping, doing nothing.

Sleep is a killer of time. There is a US lawyer I read about. I have forgotten his name though. I believe it’s Utemyer or so. All through his life time he never slept. He had insomnia. But he utilized it his advantage. While others slept, he used it to read and when he’s exhausted he just RESTS! He became one of the greatest attorney the US ever had. Try and curtail your sleeping habit today!


What about worrying? Nothing comes out of worrying. Worrying about a problem or challenge doesn’t solve it. The energy used for worrying could be channeled into profitable ventures. Research in the medical field shows that worrying causes stomach upset, peptic ulcer, loss of memory, high blood pressure and a host of other ailments. So, how should the Apprentice Millionaire tackle worrying? Use these very simple steps:

  1. Determine what you’re worrying about. Be very specific.
  2. Then ask yourself if worrying will solve the problem.
  3. Then list out various ways of solving the problem/challenge
  4. Analyze every possible solution and get the best solution
  5. Act on your best solution then move on.

Using these simple steps will go along way to putting an end to your worries.


All Apprentice millionaires are never extravagant. They are continuously looking for avenues to make money rather than spend the money they have made in wayward and ostentatious living. Buying the latest fashion clothing and cars in town is not in the top-most in their list of goals. They have a clear and lucid definition and understanding of what an ASSET and a LIABILITY is.

So, power cuts are very important to whoever desires to be a millionaire and live the good live. The ability to executive this rare feat will distinguish you from all the countless homo-sapiens roaming planet earth.

Remain blessed. Ciao!

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