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    Leads Generation Workshop Training Videos


    The only thing that a company truly owns in the digital space is their list.  It is their only true digital asset. If their home burned to the ground, they could restart their business with their list.

    But how do you get set up to start building?  This is a common question among people that just get started as internet marketers or entrepreneurs.

    And now you have the answers and a step by step guide to talk them through it.

    PART 1

    • Overview
    • Building Relationships
    • Funnel Hacking
    • Order of Operations
    • Using Warrior Plus
    • Systematic Contact
    • Niche Relationships
    • Methods of Establishing First Contact

    PART 2

    • Attaining Relevant Graphics
    • Building An Opt-In Page
    • Creating The Thank You Page
    • Building A Delivery Page

    PART 3

    • Thank You Page (Cont)
    • Delivery Pages (Con’t)
    • Confirmation E-Mail Set Up
    • Content For The First E-Mail

    PART 4

    • Buyer Infiltration Method Introduction
    • Buyer Infiltration Partner Page Ads
    • Choosing A Partner
    • Creating A Sales Page
    • Mechanics of the Buyer Infiltration Method
    • Maximizing The Buyer Infiltration Method

    A total of 4hours plus video workshop training showing you everything you need to know about leads generation!