Federal Polytechnic, Auchi – Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar

Federal Polytechnic, Auchi – Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar
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The Mother of Wealth seminar (MOW) held at the federal polytechnic, Auchi, in partnership with the Rotaract Club of auchipoly was one hell of a seminar – certainly a seminar to be remembered for a whole lot of reasons.

For one, a firm had come into the institution a couple of weeks before we came in for almost similar program and they collected monies from the students (N1,000 from the students) and never did hold the training.

So, the majority of the students where very unfriendly and made snide remarks concerning the prospective program, believing it was just another scam; and as a matter of fact labeling us fraudsters.

It was a big challenge!

mr daniel ogbeifun of megarich networks and consults ltd

Another reason that makes this seminar a seminar to be remembered is that though it was held free of charge, the content of the seminar; the information delivered that day; is easily worth atleast N20, 000 per participant. The seminar which started around 11am ended around 5pm in the evening and the students were all clued to their seats, not even ready to leave the venue of the program.

And they didn’t even think of lunch…and some actually didn’t have breakfast before coming down.

It was that rich!

The Content

As with all our MOU (mother of wealth) seminar, the seminar centered on three core areas:

  • Career development
  • Legitimate online businesses and
  • Scholarship opportunities.

However, the center of attraction for the seminar was the legitimate online businesses which opened the student’s eyes to several opportunities online where they could make money without fear or depending on fraud.

Hundreds of students attended the seminar, and many also missed out as they forgot that the seminar date was shifted. Our sincere apologies here.

Also, during the course of the training; that was during the online business section; I promised the students that I am going to be sending them some free packages that would help with their online ventures, and I intend fulfilling my promises here.

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Side Attractions

All work and no play, its said, makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not just Jack but anyone one.

auchipoly rotaract president

With this in mind, and to spice up the seminar event, the Rotaract President of Auchipoly chapter, Mr Emmanuel, brought in some really talented entertainers to give the event another fun spin.

With the atmosphere lighter and fun, the next seminar which was on online businesses couldn’t have come at a better time.

Future benefits

So, the seminar is over. Infact, it was held several weeks ago and though most students have been calling and sending messages concerning what was promised and the future benefits from the program, nothing seemed to have been forthcoming from the firm.

But why?

This is because we were told that AuchiPoly students were writing their exams and wont be chanced to start working on online businesses at the time.

However, your exams ended some days ago, so this would be just about the right time to start fulfilling what we promised, and as a sign of good faith, you are receving 3 packages for FREE which you can download from this page.

In conclusion

How did you view the seminar? Where you satisfied with the program? Where your expectations met? Would you like another program like this anytime soon?

Feel very free to express your thoughts in the comment section below…….whether good or bad. We really want to know how you felt about the program and what impact it had in your life.

See you at the top!


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May 30, 2019

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