The Federal Polytechnic, Ede – Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar

The Federal Polytechnic, Ede – Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar
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I want to first apologize for not sending the softwares and materials earlier than this as promised.

This was mainly because we lost more than half of the emails and contacts of the registered participants of the seminars as we couldn’t get back the forms that was released to you on the day of the training when collecting your certificates.

That said, with the reports and feedbacks we have been getting relating to the seminar, held at Oyinlola Hall on 23 September, 2017; it’s all been positive and many students are already taking steps on what they learnt especially relating to the online business.

edepoly seminar

The seminar which was held by MegaRich Consults and Networks ltd in conjunction with the SUG, EdePoly, could be regarded as one of the best of such trainings held in the school in a very long while.

The students who came for the program as early as 9am in the morning stayed until 4pm and beyond without even getting bothered with refreshments.

That was how powerful the training was. Comrade Mohammed Raja aka MRM, SUG Preside...federal polytechnic ede 2017Mrs Ajala, dean of students affairs, federal polytechnic ede

The hall was filled to capacity, with more than 1000 participants, and with many students even standing all through the program.

In addition, the Dean of Students Affairs, Mrs. Ajala was personally there all through the duration of the seminar….and talked to the students before and after the training on life after school and the essence of trainings of this nature.

To cap the event, the Company was presented with a fantastic Award of Appreciation and Letter of Appreciation from the SUG; and was handed to the firm by the Dean of Students and SUG President, Comrade Mohammed Raji; popularly known as MRM.

Comrade Mohammed Raji, aka MRM, a tough and yet very humble SUG President saw to it that the seminar was a huge success by not just accompanying the company staff for the sensitization but attending to our welfare as well.

Also of notable mentions are the Welfare Director, AGS and PRO of the SUG.

Below, I have added download links to the promised softwares and resources.


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award presentation to megarich networks and consults ltd

Please, be sure to leave your comments below; whether positive or negative; on how you view the training workshop.

The training video is being edited and will be added here soon.

Best regards, and on behalf of MegaRich Networks and Consults ltd, I say thanks to all the students for making the program a huge success.

Daniel Ogbeifun

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