The Polytechnic, Ibadan -Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar

The Polytechnic, Ibadan -Mother of Wealth (MOW) Seminar
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The Polytechnic Ibadan Mother of Wealth seminar, held in partnership with the SUG, that took place at the 1000 Seater was one of a kind, and according to many of the students, a life transforming program; as they stayed to the very end.

They didn’t even want to go home due to the pure and real value of the training that was dished out.

Despite having stayed from morning till evenning, they didn’t even appear hungry or tired!

daniel My humble person, Daniel Ogbeifun, was the key speaker; and though tired and fagged out I still fired on as I was turned on by the sheer desire of the students to learn, especially the legitimate online business sesssion.

I would say that this is one of the best FREE trainings I ever had for one reason…….

The students have started taking action!

I love it when trainees take action and it gears me to offer more assistance.

Because many students are taking action, I have decided to not just train 10 Students as I promised, but 15 students. That’s an additional 5 students.

I will be picking those students based on some criteria; and one of them being that you MUST have a laptop and be a FULLY registered for the seminar. Don’t try to SCAM the system. I will find out and pull you out from those chosen.

My desire has always been to see young people do well and not rely on just their certificates, and if you desire true financial freedom, you can secure such from doing online business.

The keylights of the training held on Saturday, 8 July centered on 3 main areas.

  1. Career Development and Job Interview Skills
  2. Legitimatete Online Businesses
  3. Ecommerce – buying and selling goods

We didn’t have the time to dwell on scholarship oportunities but I did promise to send some resource materials to all registrants.

Below are the resource matrials I promised.




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Download them now and continue taking action. Loads of information are in these resource materials, and good for newbies, that can take you to the very next level.

  • Also, what do you think of the seminar?
  • Did you gain a lot?
  • Where you disappointed?
  • Would you want us back in your school next year?
  • Would you want further training?
  • Where there things you expected and we didn’t deliver?

Don’t be scared or shy.

Feel free to comment below and we will rectify any outsdtanding issues. Also, leave a comment or two behind and ask any questions below and I will get them answered.

We want to see this page get busy…and you are free to shre with your friends in other schools so they will benefit as well.

Remember, I have you in mind and your success is our concern.

award and shittu 1 I want to use this opportunity to appreciate Comr. Shittu of Mass Communication, HND2 and General Secretary of the SUG for all his hardwork in making this program a true success. He took out 3 days from his lectures to move around the school with us. We appreciate this, and for that we will do something for him.

We will be building a Fully hosted website for him, train him and show him how to monetize it….as well as see to it that he maximizes the site to its true potential. He will also be given some really expensive and cool softwares to help him make money online.

Don’t go try bothering him to give you those resources as they are memebrship based and only himself can access them. He has been told about this, and failure to keep to our agreement will mean him losing what we offered him.

Also, we appreciate the whole body of SUG and the Entrepreneurship and Vocational skills unit for taking the time out of busy schedule to grace the workshop.

sug and entrepreneur director 1

We also thank the SUG, The Polytechnic Ibadan for giving us an Award of Humanitarian service. This always encourages us to do more.

Also, thanks to all participants and well-wishers.

I am always rooting for ya!

NB: The video of the program has been given to us and is being edited as we speak. We will upload it soon enough.

NB 2: We will be creating a WhatsApp group specially for our seminar registrants.

NB 3: We will be holding webinars for our registrants soon.



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May 30, 2019

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