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Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account

by Ogbeifun Daniel

One of the most difficult challenges that many Netpreneurs faced and still face with doing business online is that of receiving payments.

It could be really frustrating looking at all those monies you made and not knowing how to collect it safely, or looking at a platform you could use to make money but the problem being the means of receiving payment.

Trust me, I have been there and it could be really annoying and frustrating at the same time.

Back then, I devised several means of withdrawing my cash from these platforms and I will share with you presently.

The first REAL cash I ever made online was from freelancing on a website now known as knoji as an article writer and reviewer; and the sole means of payment then was PayPal.

I write articles daily back then for knoji when it was called factoidz and we were paid at the end of the month with PayPal.

But the problem was I didn’t have access to a personal PayPal account. I had to use a friend in Europe who got a cut off from the cash. When I was no longer comfortable with the arrangement, I started using onlinenaira.

Onlinenaira had a cut-throat exchange and commission rate which ate deep into whatever I was making online.

Their rates are still outrageous.

I however used and tested them out with my factoidz and fiverr accounts to be sure they are for real so I can refer those I train to them; that’s those who needed PayPal solutions without the risk.

Now, before trying the above methods, I had opened a PayPal account using some illegitimate means as Nigerians where not allowed to either open or receive payments with PayPal back then.

I ended up losing those funds!


Fortunately, you can now open and verify a NIGERIAN PayPal account as well as make payments with it; but you still cannot receive payments with it as at the time of writing this book.

This is a huge drawback, but I have a fantastic solution that really came in to save the day with online businesses especially for places where PayPal is not fully functional.

Are you ready?

Here is the solution.

How To Get a Free US Debit Card and US Bank Account For Your Online Business

I am going to show you how you can get an international debit MasterCard from the US that you can use for your various online transactions in receiving payments.

This method is not only secure and safe, but recognized and used by majority of the top online platforms.

The card will then be sent to you here in Nigeria for free, and you can withdraw your funds from any ATM in Nigeria that has the VisaCard or MasterCard logo.

With this card, you will be able to receive payments, make payments and make transfers as well; and it comes with a US virtual bank account which Payoneer will give to you upon receiving the card.

This is really sweet as will become apparent when we delve deeper into this book.

There are two ways to get a Payoneer MasterCard.

  1. You can visit their website directly at www.payoneer.com and register for free to get one OR;
  2. Get it through any of the online merchants that uses it like infolinks, fiverr, etc.

In this book, I will show you how to get it through method one mentioned above, that’s through the Payoneer website.

Go to www.payoneer.com and register for FREE.

Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account 11

From the screenshot above, click on SIGN UP. It will lead you to the screen below.

Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account 13

Choose individual if you are an individual or choose company if otherwise. Fill the form as above and click NEXT.

Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account 15

Fill in the contact details using your home address and not PO Box as above.

Click on the NEXT button, and the scree shot below will show up.

Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account 17

Fill the security details and use any of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID CARDS like:

  • Driver’s license / ID
  • National ID card
  • International passport

All information filled must be the same as what is obtainable from the government issued ID card. It must be a genuinely issued ID card as you will be submitting scanned copies.

Now, click on NEXT button. This will lead to the screenshot below.

Receiving Payments Online: Free Payoneer MasterCard and US Bank Account 19

Fill the form above with your local bank details and the right SWIFT CODE. You will see a sample of your SWIFT CODE, no matter the bank you are using in Nigeria in the Resource Section in the members area for those that bought the Video Training or got this material; whether soft copy or hardcopy; legitimately.

Follow up with the instructions and you are done.

It will take about 21 days for your Payoneer card to be sent and delivered to you here in Nigeria for FREE.

Please, while signing up for the Payoneer account, make sure you are using your Nigeria IP address.

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