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Securing industrial training attachments and internship is an often daring venture for most undergraduates in Nigerian tertiary institutions; whether as polytechnic or university undergraduates. The reasons for this are not far-fetched, but inexperience seems to cap the list.

First, it should be pointed out that internship and industrial training does go a long way to equipping the undergraduates with practical and corporate knowledge of the course of study; especially for those in the Engineering fields and Sciences (whether the medical, pure or applied sciences). It is through internships and industrial training programmes that the undergraduate comes to understand fully what is expected of him / her in the chosen field of study.

Without doubts, such knowledge is highly needed in gingering up the students as well as buttressing all the theoretical and practical works already taught in school.

In this article, I will show you how you can increase your chance of securing an IT placement or internship in any one of the multinationals in Nigeria, especially related to your course of study.

Let’s get on with it.

5 Tips To Securing Industrial Training Attachment

Tip 1 – Start Really Early

You read right….start early enough!

Most undergraduates get carried away with the euphoria of getting into school, even well into their second year in college and forget completely that there is a world outside the school environment.

Its good practice to start your IT and internship search very early. You can do this by submitting letters to various related firms showing your interest in having your IT done with them.

Tip 2 – Submit Professional Documents

It’s true that it pays off to start early, but it’s also true that you know how to start early by submitting the right documents. Make sure you collect enough letters from your SIWES Co-ordinator, and follow it up with additional documents like a professionally done Cover Letter.

This is very important as it gives you an edge over other contenders for the same position. Most IT seekers don’t know how to write or tailor a professional cover letter. Not to worry. We will add several sample cover letters in this category of the site. You should also add other related documents like certificates of workshops, seminars and symposiums you have added, especially if they are related to the internship in question.

Tip 3 – Concentrate on Related Firms

For a prospective industrial training student, it would be wise to concentrate on related firms. These are firms which are related to course of study. The mistake most common among IT students is that they want to have their IT placement done in oil / oil servicing firms like SHELL, Chevron and the likes.

There is nothing wrong with this. However, the chances of securing a place here is often slim and highly competitive. It is wise to concentrate your focus on companies that would easily give you a place in their establishment. That is, firms that really want you.

Tip 4 – Focus on Getting Knowledge Rather Than Just The Money

Many undergraduates are more interested in the money firms will pay them during industrial training attachments and internship rather than the knowledge, so they go for the big firms that pay well.

It is true that money is important but when it comes to IT placement, the knowledge should come first. It is better to have practical hands down training and experience, rather than to get the money without knowledge. It won’t pay off well in terms of career pursuits in the long run.

Tip 5 – Attend Seminars and Workshops In Your Field

Attending seminars, workshops and trainings to lay hold on some certificates will go a long way to aiding you in securing good places for IT placements. Getting professional certificates on Information Technology, corporate ethics skills, leadership skills, etc. will set you up at a great advantage when it comes to internships.

All photocopies of your certificates should be attached to your cover letters when submitting to firms.

There, you have it now. Solid hands down tips that could increase your chances of securing places of IT placement in multinational firms in Nigeria.