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Computer Training School Business Setup

by Ogbeifun Daniel

With the increase in the number of those seeking computer literacy and more knowledge of the internet and how to go about it, setting up a computer training school or center is a welcome idea any day.

Computer Training School

Record has it that there are about 80 million Nigerians who can both read and write; and out of these 80 million people, only about 20 million of them are computer literate. These days, both governmental parastatals and private firms have made computer literacy one of the criteria to employing the services of job hunters.

In this 21st century, if one is not computer literate there are bound to be limitations to the person in the society. Therefore, the need to establish computer training schools is ever increasing and both private and governmental bodies are now involved in such ventures.

One could net more than a N1 million annually from starting an average computer training school with just about 15 computers; and I will show you how in this write up.

Facilities To Setting Up a Computer Training School

Like I said before, you could net N1 million on average just from running a computer training school of 15 computer systems. However, to make such an amount, you would need to charge a minimum of N3, 000 monthly for your trainings and there should be three sessions daily; with the exceptions of Sundays.

The following is a suggestion on how to run your sessions successfully.

Morning Sessions:

8.00am – 12.00 noon

Afternoon Sessions:

12.00 noon – 4.00pm

Evening Sessions

4.00pm – 8.00pm

When the sessions are run like this, all calibers of people would find a session that fits their schedules; whether a student or working class.

Also, you would need to make the following purchases to set up the school:

  • Renting of a large partitioned room or shop which should cost about N200, 000 ( could be far less)
  • A generator set of about N60, 000 ( could be less)
  • 15 computers at N450, 000 ( could be far less)
  • 3 printers at N60, 000
  • 15 desks for trainees at N60, 000
  • Other expenses = N70, 000

The total should come to about N900, 000


Frankly, you need less than this to kick-start a computer training school. I just increased the cost so you have an idea of what you are up with. You don’t need 3 printers and you could get a generator set at N25, 000. You could also get the 15 computers at N300, 000 or even less. It all depends on the configurations of the systems; and for a training school, you don’t need the latest configurations.

Let’s have a look at the prospective income from the business

Prospective Income

N3, 000 × 45 trainees monthly = N135, 000

This will give N135, 000 × 12 months = N1, 620, 000 yearly. Assuming expenses comes to N420, 000 yearly, the annual profit would be:

Yearly profit = Total profit (N1, 620, 000) – total expenses (N420, 000) = N1, 200, 000 (N1.2 million)

The profits from this business have been grossly underestimated. How? This is because you shouldn’t use the school just for trainings alone. You could add a photocopying machine for photocopying purposes and also use the computers for typing and printing. With these additions, you can only begin to imagine your profit margins. If your training school is located close to a tertiary institution like a university, polytechnic or college of education; then your profit margins could explode.

The sky is your limit!

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