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Cat-Fish Farming Business In Nigeria – How To Start Up

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Cat-fish farming business in Nigeria is the way to go when it comes to starting a business venture especially with the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. There is definitely the need to seek for an alternative means of income.

Fish farming is a business that has been turning investors into millionaires. It could be done on both small scale and large scale. One good thing about fish farming is that you could start with a small amount; for as low as N25, 000. You could do it close to your house or within your compound where you could easily monitor it.

At present, cat-fish farming business in Nigeria is hot as it finds its way into many places like in homes, hotels and restaurants for both point and kill and barbecue. It is also hot as an export product. Cat-fish farming is a hot business that anyone could start without regret.

cat-fish farming business

There are different kinds of fish but they all require almost the same facilities to manage. In this write up, I will show you how you could start with just N25, 000 and grow your fish farm into a multi-million naira business with time. This kind of business is meant for only the serious type of investor; someone with the mind and heart to step out of the rat race. It is not for the weak-minded of spirit or faint at heart.

Start Cat-Fish Farming Business In Nigeria With N25, 000


For the fish farm, which you would have to start with fingerlings and a wooden pond or plastic bond tailored to fit within the compound or premises, the following is necessary.

  • Training which could cost about N4, 000
  • Wooden Box for housing the fish is about N5, 000
  • 1 male or female fish for about N3, 000
  • Injecting the fish will be about N500
  • Feeding for about N12, 000

Total cost will be about N25, 000.

You can construct a wooden tank and line it up with nylon for a start. Then get a male and female fingerling for about N2, 000 and inject them for production for N500.  These fingerlings can produce up to 5, 000 fingerlings if well managed. A fingerling goes for N20 as at the time of typing these words. These fingerlings are sold every 30 days.

Estimated Earnings For 1 Year


  • 5,000 fingerlings for 1 month at N15 = N75, 000
  • 60, 000 fingerlings for 12 months at N15 = N900, 000
  • Estimated expenses for 1 yr = N144, 000


Therefore profit for the year should be N900, 000 – N144, 000 = N756, 000.

This is good profit for a business started with just N25, 000. The good thing is that with this profit, you could start a small scale fish farm.

Let’s see how you can start a small scale cat-fish farming business in Nigeria with N750, 000

Start a Small Scale Cat-Fish Farming Business In Nigeria With N750, 000


One can start a small scaled cat-fish farming business in Nigeria with the sum of N750, 000. This money would include the purchasing of a half plot of land in a rural area, construction of pond, fencing and the acquisition of fingerlings, fry, juveniles and table sized fish. It would also cover the cost of borehole construction.

  • The frys are the product of the hatched eggs and they are aged 1 to 30 days
  • The fingerlings are aged 31 to 45 days
  • The juveniles are aged 46 to 60 days
  • The table sized takes 180 days or 6 months

The fingerlings are usually sold for N15 or N20; the juveniles at the rate of N25 while the table sized catfish are sold at N350 to N400 per kilo.

Catfish farming is a serious and lucrative business and if properly and intensively managed could turn anyone into a multi-millionaire within a year.

Requirement For Starting A Catfish Farm


The following would be needed to successfully start a catfish farm anywhere.

  • A half plot of land in a rural area at N180, 000
  • Fencing of the land at N80, 000
  • Construction of pond at N70, 000
  • Construction of 2 rooms and a store at N60, 000
  • A generator at N50, 000
  • Fish feed at N40, 000
  • Borehole construction at N150, 000labour cost at N50, 000
  • Training as a farmer at N10, 000
  • Miscellaneous at N60, 000

The above requirement would cost about N750, 000.

Estimated Profit From The Catfish Farm


  • Fingerlings of 240, 000 pieces yearly; that is 20, 000 pieces monthly; and at N15 will give N3.6 million
  • 1 kg table-sized fish at N400 ; 4, 000 pieces yearly will give N1.6 million
  • The cost of feeding and others will cost about N1.2 million (expenses)

Total sales will be N3.6 million + N1.6 million = N5.2 Million

Profit per year will be total sales – Expenses = N5.2 million – N1.2 million = N4 million

This is good profit for a business started with N750, 000. One thing about cat-fish farming business in Nigeria is that the more you delve into it, the better you become and the more your customers.

I sincerely do wish you the best in this venture!

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Gospel obidah August 27, 2017 - 4:03 pm

I want to start a fish business how can I start it at home

Ogbeifun Daniel August 30, 2017 - 8:53 pm

You can actually start a small scale cat fish farming at home. A friend of mine did something similar some years back before going for NYSC program.

Instead of a fish pond, you could make use of basins or drums.

Going into details here would take space, but just apply what you read nin the article and then make use of drums or basins.

I hope this helps.

Adubah Samuel September 30, 2017 - 4:34 pm

Pls sir hw do we get in touch on this business am really interested….


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