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Starting Up Face Powder Making Business – Making Facial and Medicated Powder

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Starting up face powder making business is a cool way of cashing into the teeming Nigeria population and making some cool fortune in the process; and at the same time providing a good product that is needed by almost everyone – the young and the old alike.

To most person, the last thing that would enter their business mind is starting up face powder making business, but those who have ventured into it at making loads of cash already. This is a market that is not yet saturated

Many businesses require face powder for their operation, like the barbing salons in your area and in your state. Imagine you could strike a deal to be producing face powder to the various barbing salon in your state?

You will be rolling into some good cash in no time….and smiling to the bank.

That powder is a useful product is a fact. There is the normal facial powder and the well- known dusting powder (medicated powder). There is no mincing words that there is a continual market for this product if well package and marketed.

So what does starting up face powder making business take?

Well, not much, and it’s not difficult. I bet that many graduates in Nigeria that read Biochemistry would be able to put up a formula that will give the best powder. We have talented graduates in Nigeria.

However, you don’t need to have read biochemistry before you can think of starting up a face powder making business in Nigeria. In fact, anyone can do it, though being a biochemist would give you some extra edge.

In this write up, I will be showing to you how to make two kinds of powder: the face powder and dusting (medicated) powder.

Let’s get started already!

Starting Up Face Powder Making Business – Production of Face Powder

Chemical Requirements

  • Talc 650g
  • Precipitated chalk 100g
  • Zinc oxide 200g
  • Zinc stearate 50g
  • Perfume
  • Colour


  • Grind all the ingredients separately; until they attain powdery form
  • Sieve the powders to ensure proper mixture
  • Add the perfume during mixing which could be achieved by spraying into the powder

Starting Up Face Powder Making Business – Production of Dusting Powder

Chemical Requirements

  • Talc 550g
  • Zinc oxide 100g
  • Kaoline 100g
  • Zinc stearate 75g
  • Menthol 25g
  • Precipated chalk 150g


  • First, grind all the ingredients separately to powder
  • Now, heat the talc and kaolin in an air tight container and allow to cool
  • Mix all the ingredients together in a mechanical blender
  • Add well milled menthol to the mixture above in the blender
  • Sieve the powder and package and your dusting powder is ready.

The question that will be in most of your mind is how much it will cost you to start up powder making business.

Well, with less than N10, 000 you can kick start this business and you can get ALL this product from your local chemical shop / market. Just ask around.

Before writing up all these articles on various businesses you can start up in this site, I actually produced the products myself to be sure that it’s feasible. I had to call up a trainer to teach me so I know what am telling you works.

Starting Up Face Powder Making Business – Packaging and Marketing Your Powder

There are various ways of marketing the powder, aside the barbing salons I mentioned earlier but let’s talk on packaging your products first.

If you are dealing with local shops like the barbing salons, you can easily get containers, plastic customized containers from the local market then using your custom made sticker that bears your brand to wrap the body up.

There you go! You have got your own custom brand.

If you want to take things a notch up, you could then register your business name and well as get registration from NAFDAC.

So you see, starting up face powder making business in Nigeria is not a big deal.

I wish you success in this venture.

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