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The Pros and Cons of Local Job Outsourcing

by Ogbeifun Daniel

Local job outsourcing has been on the increase with the rise in momentum of outsourcing jobs as many companies have begun taking interest in the business and setting up shops.

Outsourcing is a serious business, there is no doubt about it. Though the main focus has always been on overseas or offshore outsourcing, the benefits of local job outsourcing is not totally lost.

What Is Local Job Outsourcing?

Simply, it is the hiring of nearby experts within your environment or locality, to handle or manage tasks relating to your business at a fixed rate for a given period of time rather than going overseas for it.

Fact is, very few firms are into local jobs outsourcing in the advanced or developed nations mainly because they can’t compete with very low fees charged by rival outsourcing firms in the less developed countries like Indian, the Philippines and some African countries; who are ridiculously willing and ready to do the same job for a ridiculously low amount, and do it well as a matter of fact.

With this stiff competition, local job outsourcing firms can barely survive in places like the US and UK.

With such stiff competition, local outsourcing firms can barely survive.

However, even with the stiff competition, outsourcing firms can still be set up locally and survive. They could even stifle their rivals from such countries like India; beating them hands down at their own games.

But how?

The answer is quite simple. All that is needed is to become highly specialized.

They could even stifle the competition from countries like India; beating them hands down at their own games. How can this be achieved? The answer is quite simple. All that is really needed is to become highly specialized.

Specialization is very important rather than engaging in various forms of outsourcing jobs; a modern jack of all trades. Specialized outsourcing will end up attracting big and well-paying firms to your local job outsourcing venture; and once you succeed with getting the job done excellently, then the news spreads around attracting more firms like moth to a flame.

The core benefit of setting up a local job outsourcing firm is that there is potentials in it. With minimum competition locally, if you are proficient and good with what you do, you will end up landing more than enough clients and turn the small business into a full scale business venture.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Local Job Outsourcing Business

There are many benefits that comes with outsourcing your business locally rather than contracting overseas. Below are some of them.

  • Elimination of Certain Obvious Barriers

When outsourcing overseas, there is every possibility of meeting with one or both of the following barriers.

  1. Language barriers and
  2. Cultural barrier

Language barrier is a real deal breaker when it comes to overseas outsourcing as communication becomes impossible or difficult to handle. One way out is employing the services of a translator, but that means you will need to be feed off of what your translator tells you.

Language barrier is a real threat to offshore outsourcing. Engaging the services of a local job outsourcing firm takes care of this barrier.

Alongside language barrier, is the cultural barrier. Different society have their different cultures, and in order not to offend the other party, you will have to learn and understand their culture for the transaction to run smoothly

In many cases, this could be a daunting task.

  • Proximity

The issue of proximity is another advantageous factor to consider when thinking of offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing to a local firm makes it easier to attend to issues involving the projects much faster as it’s a local firm and they are close by.

This is especially great when urgent physical presence is needed.

However, the glaring drawback of local outsourcing firms is the price tag involved when compared to their rival counterparts from places like Indian. If this price challenge is eliminated or brought very much close to what rivals offer overseas, then local job outsourcing is going to bring in fantastic dividends.

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